INTERVIEW: Rajiv Malhotra on where his work fits within the Hindu tradition

Medha Editor Note: Below was first published at: Re-published here for wider circulation of this clear articulation of his position by author, the “Medha…

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Being Different-Book Positioning

Dear friends, … I wanted to share some thoughts below regarding what reader segments are targeted by the book, and what I hope it offers…

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Being Different-Book Reviews

Medha Editor Note: In its attempt to keep readers updated on the activities regarding this seminal book, we publish below a few important reviews of…

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New Book:Being Different

‘I am simply using the dharmic perspective to reverse the analytical gaze which normally goes from West to East and unconsciously privileges the former. This…

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We inhabit an age of unprecedented access to information. We get news about anyone anywhere in the world moments after an elapsed event. We watch closely, and are watched in return. References, analyses, opinions, and revelations are instantly absorbed through the osmotic interaction of fingers and keyboard.

One would think these spectacular advances in communication technology would do wonders for mutual understanding. But the opposite is often true, for one basic reason: Most people want to be transmitters, not receivers.

Misunderstandings escalate with each successive reaction that springs from a rush to judgment and the haste to be heard. Stereotype- and prejudice-driven assumptions grow from self-absorbed dervishes of circular thinking to gale force xenophobia.


Divisiveness In The Name Of Defending Dharma

Medha Editor’s note: For those needing more background on the divisive antics mentioned here by Dr Kalyanaraman, please read this piece at Sulekha:

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Executive Summary

Libelous and malicious comments from Sandhya Jain and Radha Rajan (against RSS, Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha (HDAS), Swami Dayananda Saraswati, Swami Jyotirmayananda and others)

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Why should Buddhists worship Hindu Devatas?

Buddhist Tripitaka scriptures were written about 200 years after Buddha's parinirvana. These scriptures now form the bed rock of Theravada Buddhism. A perusal of these scriptures shows a clear tendency to make fun of Hindu Devatas. Great Brahma is in fact shown as a humbug and a fool as is clear from Kevatta Sutta in Digha Nikaya which is given below.

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Invading the Sacred

New Book, “Invading the Sacred: An Analysis of Hinduism Studies in America,” Explores Academic Anti-India Bias

New York, July 9 2007:
The launch of a new book titled Invading the Sacred: an Analysis of Hinduism Studies in America, edited by Dr. Krishnan Ramaswamy, Prof. Antonio de Nicolas and Aditi Banerjee was announced today. This book brings together essays by many well-known scholars and seeks to facilitate a nascent grassroots movement to challenge the systemic misrepresentation of Indian culture and philosophy by certain American academicians.

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Hinduism, Nation-State and Immigration


As an immigrant to America, a voter of a nation-state and as a practicing Hindu, I observe no contradiction in these three identities. I am however, dismayed at how many people view these issues with mutual exclusiveness, and expect people to be on one side of the fence or the other. Those on the “right” root for strong borders with strict immigration restrictions, deportation of illegals and the like. Those on the “left” root for open borders, free immigration, citizenship for illegals and the like. America is building a wall on the Mexican border, India and a host of other countries are erecting fences. Bush is thinking of granting amnesty to illegal immigrants and is facing opposition from his own party.

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