How the West defines India – 2


In the first part (How to West Defines India – I ) I had discussed the role the West plays in every aspect of Indian life today and how it influences our cumulative (as a nation and society) self-image. Now let us try and delve further into the specifics of this “Struggle between the Left and the Right” in this Indian context (who seem to be at constant loggerheads vis-a-vis their stand on the West).


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How the West defines India – 1

Creeping Awareness

“What's wrong with us Indians? Why don't we even flinch when a hundred of our countrymen get mowed down like grass in a terror attack? When thousands of our brethren lose their entire lives' worth in a flood or an earthquake, how many of us wince in genuine pain for their troubles?”

Such thoughts often creep into my psyche unannounced, confronting me in those rare introspective, almost vulnerable moments of relative silence.

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Identities and labels, how far should one go with them?

The "hindu identity" subjected to the "Self Policing" vs "Self Defense" test. The ideas of two eminent thinkers, Amartya Sen's & Arvind Sharma, discussed & compared.


Who am I?

Ever since the first humans started asking this question, we set out on the path of cultural evolution. Since we're not aware of animals asking this question, we will presume for now that it is true for only humans. There is a long & detailed history, or rather histories that have been recorded by us over the million or so years we've been human. With being human comes also the need to strive for something beyond "roti-kapda-aur-makaan, i.e. food, shelter & other basics to sustain life. Notions of what self-improvement, and societal "progress" means have been changing over time.

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