So Who Was Really Responsible For India’s Partition?

Jaswant Singh’s latest book has raised a fresh controversy on who was responsible for the partition of India. Some think it was Jinnah while others say it was Nehru/Patel. The truth is that the seeds for Partition were sown atleast eighty years before partition actually took place.

This article seeks to share some insights and is not meant to be an exhaustive piece on the reasons for partition or the events that led to it. It covers:

•    Former foreign J N Dixit’s views on partition.
•    Cause for 1857 Mutiny in brief.
•    Status of Muslims around 1857.  
•    Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and the two nation theory.
•    Role of British principal of Aligarh Muslim University in encouraging Muslim separatism.
•    Was the idea of a separate nation conceived after 1935 or when? Impact of the Khilafat Movement.
•    Why Dr B R Ambedkar suggested that Hindus concede Pakistan?

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