Vedanta Desika-Sri Garudadandakam

Introduction by Senior Medhavi Dr Partha Desikan Sri Vedanta Desika (Swami Desika, Swami Vedanta Desika, Thoopul Nigamaanta Desika) (1269–1370) was a Sri Vaishnava Gurushreshtha. He…

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Kulasekhara’s Garland for Mukunda

Introduction by Senior Medhavi Dr Partha Desikan Sri Garudadwajan on Kulasekhara’s Garland for Mukunda Partha Desikan In January 2009, in my blog in these pages…

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Lord Krishna -The Universal Teacher !

People strive in vain during their entire lifetime chasing shadows and in the end the result that stares them in their face is a big zero. If one does not remain in touch with saints and holy people one will not attain spiritual awakening even in the twilight of one’s life. One will attain awakening solely with the help of spiritual scriptures. Whatever wealth one earns through one’s hard work is of no use after death. Of what use is such wealth? It does not tag along with us but remains behind.
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