Meditation — The Making of Images


From the Rig Veda to Plato the act of imagining is the secret technology of the mystics. While most people use fantasy to achieve the results they fantasize for the sake of the subject, and theologians use concepts to claim knowledge and revelation, imagining has been always the technology of a few souls, from East and West, in their effort to repeat the divine act of creation uncontaminated by human faculties. For this reason and to describe what this technology is based on I have chosen to write this paper following the clear descriptions of this act as found in the writings of Ignatius de Loyola and as he used them in the making of his Spiritual Exercises. The reason for this choice is the radical need of presenting how images are made, rather than borrowed in meditation. It is my contention that this tradition of making images in meditation is present wherever meditation is practiced. It is common in Hinduism, from the Rig Veda down, in Buddhism, and in Christianity, as well as in other religions. The aim of such presentation is to show that in religious practice no image may be borrowed.

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