Nishkama Karma; A Cosmic View

Freeeeze! Hmmmm, But How?

The story goes like this; when Lord Hanuman was born, the first sight that grabbed the attention of his mischief-seeking eyes was the Sun rising with all his morning splendour.

The Bedrock on which I built this edifice

Science can be a prop to elevate us to Spirituality. Here we attempt to illustrate this specific angle through a brief look at the quantitative characteristics of the cosmic dynamism. An analytical quest reveals to the neutral mind that the cosmic vitality fostered by the natural kinetic energy of the universe, fits well within the Universal Karmic sphere. We must also take note of the fact that many of the top Scientists agree that science at higher echelons is a seamless continuum with Vedanta. Looking from this convergence too, the cosmic dynamism discloses the Karma yogic disposition of the Universe. These are the manifestations of a tangible Science-Spirituality connectivity. In other words, knowing, understanding and inferring commonly known scientific facts may act as a lead up to climb the spiritual ladder if one so desires. — S.K.

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