Prayer and meditation

Prayer, in Hindu tradition, is one of the gateways to liberation. Of the four available methods, puja, prayer, japa and dhyana, prayer is considered the second slowest method to cleanse the mind. Dhyana and Japa are considered to be the most effective methods to cleanse the mind.

There are three types of prayers according to Hindu tradition. The three types are (

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Model or Reality?


Man’s investigation of nature (science) or his own nature (adhyatma vidya) raises a fundamental question. Do such investigations yield a description of reality or merely models of reality? For example, is the Big Bang model a model of reality or is it actually describing the real universe? I will describe here two examples, one from science and another from Brihadaranayaka Upanishad, to suggest that both science or adhyatma vidya yield only models of reality and not reality itself.

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