Religion: The Last Weapon of Discrimination – II


This part of the paper is the follow up on the previous paper entitled: Religion: The last weapon of discrimination. It focuses on the work I started doing on the Rig Veda and Bhagavad Gita and how this work has been used for over thirty years by the Union of International Associations in collaboration with the UN and UNESCO to make the same points and influence policy. It is even more remarkable the fact that this work has been recently verified by the discoveries of modern neurobiology. This work, however, will be more effective if it is taken over and implemented at the local, community, levels through watchful research on the particular needs of each community by exposing abuses and implementing the result of research on Universities, politics, media and families. Conversely this research would also be of the greatest use in India itself where the structures of creativity have been alive for over five thousand years and hopefully are still embodied in the subjects themselves, even though the virus of colonial technologies has contaminated many of her subjects.

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