Raja Yoga


There are many paths of yoga for attaining clarity of mind. Raja Yoga is one of the paths that focuses on meditation and contemplation. Raja means king, and king is always in a state of enlightenment. The pursha (Man), or the king, is always hidden by the workings of the mind. It is avidya which conceals our pursha, and many of us are unaware of its existence. When this process is reversed, and mind becomes master of the senses, we find clarity of the mind and our pursha takes its rightful place. In the yoga sutra, it says that when there is no more restlessness in the mind, pursha will unfold and see. That is Raja Yoga.

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Tai Chi — A Path to Samadhi



Translated literally, SamAdhi means “To get integrated”. Samadhi is often defined as the state of complete immersion into a cosmic consciousness that is beyond the realm of ordinary consciousness (as we generally use the word). The state in which the observer and observed merge, that is Samadhi – it is a state induced by total meditation. There are various stages of Samadhi and a detailed discussion of the same is beyond the scope of this article (refer to the link provided above to learn more about Samadhi).

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