Can Hindus Self-Govern Competitively?

Lessons from the Nithyananda Scandal-II

 The Christian Church has the longest continuous history of governance, with a tremendous track record of protecting its interests under all circumstances. Its history of corporate governance is not only remarkable amongst religions but also when compared to commercial multinational corporations. Most people are unaware that it was the Church that first invented many of the corporate management procedures, norms and laws in use today by multinational corporations. The Church floated the first commercial multinationals as well, such as the Knights Templar, centuries before the British East India Trading Company and other multinationals emerged using similar methods.

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Harvard and the Indian Billionaires

Rajiv Malhotra, Oct 15, 2010. This morning, Times of India celebrates the headlines, “Harvard gets biggest international donation in 102 yrs, from Tata group.”“.The timing…

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