The I of the Storm

In course of my attempts at meditation (more or less daily, since the past 5 years and more intermittently for a few years prior to that), I have repeatedly come across the issue of the classical triad of observer, observed and the observation. During the process of meditation, there is a distinct demarcation, a veritable split in the being of the meditator.


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The Six Verses to Liberation


Posting a response to a question on the Nature of Consciousness, my fingers automatically started typing what is to follow next. I have often written things in a semi-involuntary manner, with the thoughts flowing and words forming without having to think (too much). How it happens or why it happens, I do not know. And while I was typing this response, a realization dawned.

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Indian Martial Arts — Will they survive?



Much is known about Indian philosophical disciplines, Indian Arts, Mathematics, and Sciences – but not much is known about a very important aspect of our Society – Martial Arts. While quite a lot of us know about the accomplishments of Baudhayana and Varahamihira, how many can claim to have even the remotest knowledge about the pioneers of “scientific” fighting?

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Tai Chi — A Path to Samadhi



Translated literally, SamAdhi means “To get integrated”. Samadhi is often defined as the state of complete immersion into a cosmic consciousness that is beyond the realm of ordinary consciousness (as we generally use the word). The state in which the observer and observed merge, that is Samadhi – it is a state induced by total meditation. There are various stages of Samadhi and a detailed discussion of the same is beyond the scope of this article (refer to the link provided above to learn more about Samadhi).

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