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The Medha Journal (TMJ) is an online portal where like-minded people can interact and share knowledge, ideas and information.


There are three types of users on TMJ.

Anonymous users, Registered users and Authors.
If you are an anonymous user, you are allowed on your own conscience to post comments on the various articles and forums on TMJ. You only need a valid email address (not used by any registered user) and a user name (same condition applies) to do so. TMJ reserves the rights to unpublish and/or delete any of your contributions based on the criterion of conduct as listed below (see Criterion of Conduct).
If you are a registered user, you have registered via the registration form (with a valid user id, email id and password). You have additional access to the various sections of TMJ not open for public access (such as profiles of other registered users and authors, private discussion forums, etc).

As of 7/5/2007, all registered users have the capability to create their own content via the Blogging mechanism.

Criterion of Conduct

The following criterion of Conduct must be followed.

  • No abusive language will be tolerated (either towards authors or other members of the community).
  • No personal attacks or slandering campaigns
  • No spamming or attempts at social engineering in order to solicit any services

Conditions for Content Contribution

Two types of content currently being accepted on TMJ are weblinks and articles.
All articles that are contributed to TMJ must be:

  • Original work by the author or Republished with permission from the original author
  • The authors are at left to their conscience to duly research and defend their work.
  • TMJ editorial board or management is by no means responsible for the content contributed by the authors.
  • TMJ does not explicitly endorse any views put forth by the authors.
  • Also, last but no the least — please "Proof-read" your submissions.

If you have read through the material above this line and intend to go ahead with your registration, that indicates that you agree to the above terms and conditions. Your registration will be complete when you click on the email link (that will be sent to you after you complete the online registration form and submit it).

Welcome Aboard!

The Medha Journal Editorial Board

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