By Dr Partha Desikan (R&D and technical management, Scholar, engagement in academia, translated Sanskrit and Tamil classics, research into classics, study of Vedanta, Indian culture and miscellaneous freelance writing)
Have you entered a hall where a meeting is already in progress, feeling from that first moment that you belong, and enjoying every succeeding moment thereafter? That is how it has been for me with the Medha Journal’s blog site. All of us seem to be wearing our skills lightly, though with confidence. Our eagerness to share what we feel like saying seems to be fully in tune with our eagerness to attend carefully to the responses and grow further in wisdom. In this garden, every thought seems to find kindred thoughts and what arrays of colour result, what bouquets of enduring fragrance! Thank you for letting me tell the Editors how I feel in this elevating company.”


Short Review of Medha Journal By Surin Usgaonkar (Technocrat, retired CEO of a large Financial Services Company in private sector in India, researcher in Indology and Ancient Indian Philosophy, freelance writer writing on Indology and current affairs), Mumbai, India
“Dear Editors: Medha Journal is an idea whose time has come. It offers a destination for an interactive scholastic exchange of thoughts and ideas. Many of us who write on the Medha Journal also write in what are called conventional “journals” that specialise in different disciplines of human endeavours. Even though contribution of these conventional journals to human knowledge cannot be belittled, they have two glaring pitfalls. First, these journals are not available / accessible to all; even if one is in the university one gets to read journals which are related to his/her discipline. Second, since most of these journals scrutinize the contents behind “closed doors” there is always a chance that an original thought, especially from a fresh mind, gets an editorial shear. History of science bears testimony to the fact that such things have happened more often than we imagine. An alternate method of exchange of academic ideas was long desired. Medha Journal is a significant step in this direction. This is indeed the future of academic journals.

In little over a couple of years since its inception the journal has acquired respectability solely through its content. I sincerely applaud the efforts and assure the editors that I shall always remain an ardent advocate of the thought behind its inception.”

Dr Pradip Gangopadhyay/gangp (Research Scientist in the Department of Physics, astronomy and Space Sciences Center, University of Southern California since 1984, principal investigator of several NASA grants, reviewer of Journal of Geophysical Research, member of NASA proposal review committee. Scholarly interests in Hindu, Buddhist and Jaina darsanas, Greek Philosophy, New Testament scholarly studies, Islamic historical studies.)
“Medhajournal has attracted a lot of very wise people who are sharing their knowledge and expertise on a whole host of subjects. It’s strong point is that it has avoided the destructive behavior that afflicts too many internet sites. One’s sincere hope is that Medhajournal continues to prosper.”

Prof Antonio T. de Nicolas/Nitin Bhai (Professor Emeritus of philosophy at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, author of some twenty- seven books, including Avatara: The Humanization of Philosophy through the Bhagavad Gita,a classic in the field of Indic studies; and Habits of Mind, a criticism of higher education, whose framework has recently been adopted as the educational system for the new Russia. He is also known for his acclaimed translations of the poetry of the Nobel Prize-winning author,Juan Ramon Jimenez, and of the mystical writings of St. Ignatius de Loyola and St. John of the Cross. He is a Director of the Biocultural Research Institute, located in Florida)

Nitin Bhai whole heartedly supported Medhajournal and helped launch Medhajounal along with other Medhavis. He contributed several scholarly articles and interacted with fellow Medhavis at a personal level; He added when Medhajounior was launched — “Congratulations to editors, and whomever else is involved in this project. You may count with my poetry and the five books I translated of the Noble Prize winner Juan Ramon Jimenez, like Platero and I, etc. More later when I find space with all that is going on in the world… Best, Nitin Bhai”

Subasri Naren/narensomu (Architect in an Engineeering consultancy in the Middle East, scholar, teacher, a devoted mother)

“I would first congratulate you all on your good work. I feel very glad that the site helps us all network, not for the sake of networking ,but to really share and learn from like minded people whose differing areas of expertise have a lot to teach us. We share, we learn and we grow everyday. I would also add that it is the sort of site I was searching for, for quite sometime. Thanks a lot once again. Keep up the good work. Where this much human effort from all of us is involved, it isn’t hard to see the ultimate fruits [in the form of more recognition and visibility] that are just round the corner. I am sure Medha will retain her uniqueness, continue to grow and help us grow in the process. All the best!”

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