The Ambush – A Micro Story

I came across the micro story concept in Sulekha blogs a couple of years ago.

A story has to be told in limited words , in this case, less than  125 words.

This idea suits someone like me whose time before the home PC is severely limited.

But this also means one spends much more time thinking up ways to narrate, using a limited number of words.

Thinking  can be done while doing other “ real” work anyway.


Medhavis would surely guess  the narrator/protagonist of the  micro story below .

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The Ambush



Sometimes I feel he is too kind for his own good…




He does not believe that the other chap is here with reinforcements only to harm him…




I clamber down the tree and touch my weapon.




You cannot touch the kind hearted one before killing me first…




But the other chap is here and why are his hands folded above his head!




“Forgive me for my Mother’s sins!” He cries and falls at the feet of our elder Brother…




The kind hearted one embraces him and as they shed tears, I  stand there , tears streaming down my face…



Even if I come back again to accompany the kind one, I doubt whether I can truly understand him…


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