The Bamboo pull

The Bamboo Pull

Partha Desikan

Here are four links. Feb 11 2007


">This is the link to a short story that I blogged with Sulekha a little over a year ago. March 01, 2007

This is the link to spincaster’s blog finding some spiritual meaning in it. March 07, 2007

This is a tutorial blog from Toni96163 to Chinese students of English March 14 2007

and this the link to an English language work assignment fron Steve laoshi to his students.

Professor Steve Watson of the English faculty at the Jinan University at Guangshou, Guangdong province, China, known to Sulekha bloggers as Stedawa, is also Spincaster and Steve laoshi (Dwai can tell you what the last word means.)

Now you can ask me how so much interest developed in the story in China within a month of its appearance in Sulekha-blogspace.

Bamboo pulls Chinese heart-strings, even as an Indian wind blows through it!

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  1. There are four links given in this article. Out of them only the fourth link allows access to itself. The sad part is that the first link is supposed to lead to my Sulekha blog, and the other three are related to the interest it created in China 13 years ago, soon after its publication in Sulekha I am giving below a copy of that Sulekha blog, which I recovered from the archives, for persons who did not read it at that time.
    The sweet Bamboo
    partha desikan
    / 13 yrs ago /
    In a forest near a natural opening there was a clump of tall grasses. Purely by chance, there was one sugarcane near one bamboo, both young though quite tall.
    Boys and girls in the nearby village had not so far discovered the clearing.
    Meanwhile the bamboo and the sugarcane became great friends. The cane liked the fresh fragrance in the air. The bamboo enjoyed the cane juice flavor in the air.
    When there was a gentle breeze they swayed and danced together. When there were strong winds they tried to hold each other so that they would not be uprooted. The rains came and they enjoyed getting wet together. The sun shone and they loved to air themselves in the warmth. At night they wondered about the moon and made up stories for each other.
    Boys and girls in the neighboring village had not yet found the clearing.
    But one little mouse had found its way to the clump. With its sharp little teeth it made some holes in the lowest rung of the bamboo. With its sharp little teeth it bit into the sugarcane and drank some of the juice.
    It laughed at the bamboo.
    ‘Oh Bamboo, you are just a hollow pole!’
    It smiled admiringly at the sugarcane.
    ‘Oh Sugarcane, how sweet your juice is!’
    The bamboo wondered. Am I not as good as the sugarcane? It asked the cane.
    Why is your juice alone sweet?
    The cane replied- So what? We are good friends anyway, are we not?
    Boys and girls of the village had still not found the clearing.
    But one mouse had spoiled the scene.
    There were gentle breezes. But the bamboo and the sugarcane did not sway together. When there was a strong wind the bamboo tried to cling on to any strange grass. If the sugarcane tried to hold on to it, it appeared that the bamboo did not like it.
    The sugarcane thought, ‘Is my juice sweet? Is not friendship sweeter than sugarcane juice?
    The sugarcane spoke to the bamboo. The bamboo did not listen.
    Then there came a hermit.
    Boys and girls of the neighboring village had even now not found the clearing.
    But one mouse had. And now a hermit
    This wise man listened to animals, birds, plants and trees. He felt with animals, birds, plants and trees. He smiled at the bamboo.
    A gentle breeze was then blowing. It was passing through the holes in the bamboo made by the mouse. The hermit spoke to the bamboo:
    What nice notes you make? What sweet music is coming out of you?
    The bamboo shook itself from its sadness.
    ‘What? Sweet? Me?’
    ‘Yes’ said the hermit. ‘You are so beautifully hollow. Therefore when the breeze passes through your holes, music is produced. The music is indeed sweet, divine.’
    The sugarcane agreed. It spoke to the hermit.
    ‘Sir, each one of us must be sweet in one way or the other, is that not so?’

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