The Clash Within: Democracy, Religious Violence, and India’s Future

This is a masterpiece of a book on the topic of the Rabidity of the Hindu Right in India, specifically pertinent in light of the Pogrom against Muslims in Gujarat in 2002.

Prof Nussbaum authoritatively deconstructs the Right wing aka Hindutva entities and exposes the hatred that she finds lurking therein.

Some reviews by folks worthier than Mogambo are shown as follows

This is an extraordinarily interesting book on a very difficult subject. Martha Nussbaum’s commanding familiarity with culturally related political issues across the world, past and present, combines immensely fruitfully here with her involvement and understanding of India.
–Amartya Sen, Harvard University (20070629)

This impressive and important book grapples with the problems and consequences of religious extremism. Nussbaum’s brilliant analysis of the controversy over religion and democracy in India effortlessly moves between political history, philosophy, and law, to give us a powerful and compelling narrative of the political world of the Hindu Right. It is a must read for all those interested in understanding the dangers of religious extremism and of what preserves democracy and pluralism in the face of tensions and conflicts within.
–Zoya Hasan, Jawaharlal Nehru University (20070806)

Once more, Martha Nussbaum has applied her profound philosophical intelligence to a challenging question in the practical world. In thinking through the dangers raised by the Hindu right, she teaches us a great deal about the dangers of dogmatism everywhere.
–K. Anthony Appiah, Princeton University (20070901)

Few contemporary philosophers in the West have reckoned with India’s complex experience of democracy; and even fewer have engaged with it as vigorously as [Nussbaum] does in The Clash Within…[A] strongly felt and stimulating book.
–Pankaj Mishra (New York Review of Books 20071119)

Martha Nussbaum’s The Clash Within presents a powerful analysis of the Hindu Right in contemporary India that is insightful and penetrating…She weaves a rich tapestry of how Hindu thought has been reshaped and distorted…She is correct to say “the clash within” that we find in India lies everywhere…The Clash Within is another remarkable achievement from the most exciting political philosopher of our age. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
–Thom Brooks (Times Higher Education Supplement 20071001)

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