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There are questions about al-Qaeda that are to some extent answered that remain.  The negative impact al-Qaeda has had on the US or India is evident.  In fact the role of Iran in the terrorist plot of the Pan Am Flight 103 that left 259 passengers in the wreckage was the precursor to al-Qaeda.  Iraq was in fact in turmoil with Iran as well as Lebanon over the oil reserves in the region.  The outlook of the Iranian government against the US was a parallel to that of Iraq or Lebanon.  The ideologies of the Cold War along with the Soviet war against of Afghanistan made it far to complex of an issue for CIA to see through.  It is without question that al-Qaeda evolved out of the smoke cloud of the Cold War.  

How in fact was India once aligned with the Soviet Union in the Cold War Era?  President George W Bush traveled to India eiger to talk to prime minister Singh as the first American president to go to India in all aspects of the political spectrum.

It was the consensus of the Bush administration that a border war on terrorism had to involve Iraq.  The attempt of Iraqi intelligence on former president George Bush Sr. or the failed plot against president Clinton are definitive factors that motivated the decision to take action.  Even though the Persian Gulf War in 1991 is a part of the reason for the resentment Iraq has towards the United States the smoke cloud of terrorism had roots as far back in the past as the events of the Cold War.

The United Nations went after the elusive warlord Mohammed Farah Aidid for the killing of peacekeepers in Somalia during the Clinton administration.  At the time there was no intelligence that al-Qaeda was involved.  US Rangers were sent into the capital of Somalia.

The Aidid militia shot down two helicopters using rocket propelled grenades.  In the firefight 1,200 Somalis were killed.  As Adids troops moved in on the Rangers on the ground 18 Americans were lost.  In the follow up US forces went in on tanks or snipers set up on walls or rooftops to fight against the Somalis in the area with guns.  Clinton decided it was best to withdrawal all US forces to avoid the losing scenario.  Somalia was a street fight that made conventional tactics obsolete.  It is the viewpoint of certain intelligence that al-Qaeda had a role in the attack on the Americans in Somalia.  The United Nations peacekeeping force went in to attempt to resolve the issue further after the fact.  

The US embassies in East Africa were bombed in August of 1998.  In the terror 257 were dead with over 5,000 wounded.  The detailed investigation of the CIA provided detailed evidence that the attack was an al-Qaeda plot against the US.  The question of the intelligence war against al-Qaeda taking on an active role throughout the Clinton administration is without doubt.  It remains a question as to the level of action that the UN or president Clinton should have taken against al-Qaeda as a result of the events before the September 11 hijackings in 2001.

Ramzi Yousef is said to have thought of the jet fuel explosion that gave Khalid Muhammad the idea for the terrorist plot on the World Trade Center that also involved the Pentagon.  The involvement of the IRA remains in question.  In the Oklahoma Federal Building bombing the IRA acted alone.

Islamic groups trained in Afghanistan or working out of Pakistan are the main source of terrorist attacks in India.  The Lashkar-e-Toiba is the largest group of militants or terrorists in Kashmir.  The Kashmiri militants are responsible for most of the terrorist attacks in India.  Is the disputed region of Kashmir the reason for the attacks or is this a larger issue?  Is the Lashkar-e-Toiba to some extent an offshoot of al-Qaeda?  

The Parliament Building was attacked in New Delhi in December of 2008.  In North Central India there was the derailment of a train known as the Ranfiganj rail disaster in September of 2002.  Car bombings in Mumbai killed 54, and injured 244 people in August of 2003.  A bomb went off on a train in Uttar Pradesh in 2005.  In October of 2005 in three explosions in New Delhi 62 were killed with over 210 injured.  Seven bombs went off on Mumbai trains that killed 209 people leaving 700 injured.  In Jaipur a series of bomb blasts went off in 2008.  The militant organization in Kashmir is said to have been responsible for most of the terrorist acts. The Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami is a militant group out of Bangladesh that also has an al-Qaeda root.  In western Assam eighteen bombs resulted in 84 lost and over 470 injured in October of 2008.  Again an Islamic militant organization was at the root of the terrorist acts.  Is the disputed region of Kashmir the reason for the attacks or is this a larger issue?  
If the question is were we in the right war to attempt to prevent terrorist attacks down the road, the answer is evident.  Perhaps the conflict in Kashmir is the answer to the question of what India had the same outlook on certain issues as the Soviet Union throughout the Cold War Era?  The events of the war in Iraq or Afghanistan give us all sorts of insight into the fact that we are facing a serious problem.  The main point or question is who is how the atrocities can be prevented? 

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