The Eleventh Dimension..

I could sense that I was moving very fast. I looked all around.  I could identify many people. Am I in a train…? I couldn’t decide.. Am I in some kind of spaceship..? Probably..

I tried to figure out where I am. It was confusing. Ok. Who am I..? I thought hard.  I couldn’t get my name. It seems there is a big hole in my memory. I could remember some things. I do not remember many things.

I remember that I am a businessman. In fact I felt proud calling myself a businessman. I used this ‘businessman’ description of mine to justify why I act in a particular way, several times. 

But, but I seem to be missing a whole lot of stuff about myself.  What I am I missing in my memory..?  Not just my name, I could understand that I am missing a lot of information about myself and even others who are/were around me.

I remember I am not of those inheriting, high-educated business types but who built myself ground up. I could remember my business exploits clearly, that took me up step by step, each one of them. I also feel that I am a goal-oriented person, who never took no for an answer. I remember clearly that my goal was to get bigger and bigger in my businesses. I also feel like one who works hard towards my goals.

But what am I missing..?  I am missing something about myself. I am missing something about others. I don’t know what I am missing.

I have a feeling that I have overcome so many obstacles in my life in so many ways. I have gone around my obstacles always. Sometimes I have used people’s weaknesses. Sometimes I have used system’s weaknesses. I believe a businessman like me should not bother about any ethics or morals or rules or laws, which are all human defined.

Now, this is another obstacle in my life, probably of my own making. Once a stupid salesman tried to talk me into funding a flight to space and space tourism.  I had rejected it outright. There were also several attempts on me to sell a package to moon, occupy moon etc. Being a businessman that I am, I knew it was not the time to invest in such things.

But now that I am here in this state, means I have accepted and paid for some other stupid proposal that has done something me. I think I have been made into a zombie and being transported in a space ship to some distant planet.

But I am sure it won’t last long before my wits.

There was a gentleman whom I spotted. He seemed to be next to me, but still was far away. In this place everything is confusing.

“Sir..” – I addressed him. “Please help. What is this place..? Where are we going..? Any idea..?”

He looked at me directly. “Frankly I also don’t know who I am and where we are going. I only realize we are all moving fast”.

“Sir..please recollect.. I am able to recollect some details about myself. Some parts of memory simply appears as a big  hole. Are you able to recollect some details about yourself..?” – I asked him.

“I remember I used to do business” – he said “I have always wanted to create institutions that sustain themselves and serve the society”.

“So you are also a businessman.?” – I got excited. “What is the size of your business”

“I vaguely remember that I had created 100’s of companies” -he said “They served people in different domains..”

“Oh.. is it so..? So you too seem to be like me..?” – I said “What was your wealth..? Please don’t mistake me for asking it..? I am trying to find a theory behind our kidnappings..”

“Kidnappings..?” – he looked shocked “Frankly my interest was never in acquiring wealth for myself. I was interested in creating sustainable institutions that served the society. So I really do not remember or have a count of my personal wealth. I am not interested in the wealth, except to make sure that the institutions are sustainable”

“Oh… common Sir ”  – I said “You are talking like a Saint. If a businessman is not fond of wealth and is not ready to go the extra miles in terms of tweaking the rules, regulations, ethics and morals required to achieve it, in my view that businessman could never become successful.”

“Well.. I don’t know” – he said “But I remember I employed people who were fond of wealth and went that extra mile to tweak the rules, regulations, ethics, morals or whatever u call them.. I don’t remember to have been interested in them myself.. But yes you are right.. I surrounded myself with people who did those tweaking all the time..”

He paused for sometime.

“But I seem to be missing a lot of information about myself and others. My memory also seems to have a big hole” – he continued “So I am not sure what is all this”

“hmmm.. “- I said “You know I am a multi-billionaire with assets all over the world . One theory I can think is we are all probably multi-billionaire businessmen made into zombies being transported in a space ship to some other planet in light speeds..”

“Ok.. could be ” – he said. “But why should someone do it..?”

“Well. I think, we probably paid for it ourselves” – I said “Probably we were sold on something and we have accepted it out of some necessity. Probably we are being transported to a distant planet, as part of some tourist venture..”.

“Let’s talk to more people and see if we can get some idea about what is happening to us.” – he said.

“Yes.. yes.. ” – I said “Let’s be friends in this together and help each other out of this. I will reward you heftily when we get back to our place. We are friends”.

Suddenly we felt that we have all become stagnant. We could see a big bubbling river at a distance.

“How did this river came into this space ship..?” – I wondered aloud.

“Yes it is very strange..” – my new friend said. “Let’s walk towards it and see what it brings to us”

As we neared the river, we could see how ferocious it is. It had huge bubbling waves and churns. We could see a boatman in its shores.

“Sir.. we both are a confused lot.. Can you tell us what is happening here..? Where are we..? Who are you..? Will u take us in this boat..? Where it will take us..?” – I asked

The boatman looked at both of us, up and down.

“Sirs, I don’t know who you are.. But I know where you are.. You are in the tenth dimension. I am a boatman in this river. I take people like you who landed in the tenth dimension in this boat across the river to the Eleventh dimension..” – he said.

“Tenth dimension..?” – I asked. I have never heard of it. I became sure it is some stupid scientific experiment I have been fooled or sold into.

“Yes, now u are in tenth dimension. If you successfully cross the river, then u get into the eleventh dimension” – said the boatman.

“Sorry.. Can u explain this.. We both are businessmen. We do not have great knowledge of scientific concepts” – my friend said.

“There are eleven dimensions in this Universe. The first three dimensions human beings feel, observe and experience are the biological dimensions. Somehow it seems you have transcended the three dimensions and landed into the next eight dimensions. Travelling at light speeds, you have transcended seven more dimensions and are now in the tenth.” – said the boatman.

“If the three dimensions are biological, what are the other eight” – asked my friend.

“Those are dimensions of force-fields and particles” – said the boatman

“Now you have two choices. One is to cross the river in the boat I have and reach the eleventh dimension. Another is just stand here and the river will consume you and you will go back to the three biological dimensions” – he continued.

“What is there in Eleventh dimension” – asked my friend

“Not sure..” – said the boatman “But I have not seen anyone coming back on this boat after they get dropped there.. I don’t know”

“Ok. If I fall into the river, will I get back quickly to my place..? How much time it will take..?” – I asked

“Since you have traveled in the speed of light in the dimension of forces and particles, though you have spent only few hours according to you, when u get back, several thousands of years would have passed back at your place. So I don’t know what is in store for you there.. You need to figure it  out” – the boatman said

“What..?” – I said shell-shocked “That means this stupid experiment has gone crazy. I have lost what all I have built…? I have lost all that I accumulated…? How did I accept to this experiment..? “.

I started crying.

In few minutes, I gathered myself.

“Ok.. let me see the eleventh dimension”- I said. “Can we get into the boat..?”

“Well I have only one boat for you two people here. I can take only one of you. The other one needs to go back, I think. Who is going to come with me..?” – asked the boatman.

I went near the boatman. I whispered in his ears. “See that gentleman claims to have built a lot of industries and businesses, but has not accumulated anything for himself greatly. I had a huge amount of wealth in my name. I am a businessman. Let’s get into a deal. You get me in, leave that guy here to go back. What do you want in return..? I can promise you anything and get it. I am a bania and I can buy and sell anything in this world”

“Oh..” – said the boatman “I understand.. I am also fatigued at rowing this boat from here to there. I can give u an offer. There are only two people possible to sail in this boat. One is the person who rows the boat. The other is the traveler. The traveler gets off across the river. The rower comes back and picks up the next traveler. If one of the subsequent travelers agree to row the boat, then the rower can become traveler and reach the other side. That’s how I became the rower of the boat. Now you become the rower of the boat and take me across and drop me there in the Eleventh dimension. When you come back you will find lot of people here and you can do a deal with one of them and get to become the traveler”

“That’s a nice deal” – I said. ” I will become the rower and I am sure I will find another scape-goat to row the boat later. So what happens to my friend..?”

“For having people like you around him as his friends, he has to get drowned and go back” – the boatman laughed. “He will get back into biological dimensions and has to figure out whatever is in store for him. Come row the boat now and take me across the river and drop me in the eleventh dimension”

As we boarded the boat, I could see the river consuming my new friend.

“My poor friend.. “..I thought.. “I am sorry for him. But there is no chance for anyone against me. That is my nature. “

I looked at the boatman as I started rowing. I could read his excitement and relief in getting across to eleventh dimension.

“But this boatman is also a poor guy. He does not know how a business mind operates. As I get into some distance, I am going to act as if I am very tired and stop rowing. Anyway boatman is so fatigued at rowing this boat to and fro and is eager to get out of the rowing. For whatever reason, boatman is clearly more interested in getting to eleventh dimension than going back. The boatman will have no option, but to row the boat. If he goes to other side, as I am the traveler I would get to Eleventh dimension. If he comes back to this side, I will not get out of the boat.  Boatman will have no option but to row me back to other side and wait for the next prey. If boatman does not resume rowing in the middle of river, it is a mind-game. I can easily convince him to get me across and wait for the next prey, as he is not going to win against me and I am ready to go to any extent not to allow the boatman to other side”.

I patted myself for the kind of shrewd mind I possessed. Few people in the world have this kind of mind, I thought.

“One thing I wanted to inform you my friend” – said the boatman, I mean the traveller, as I am the boatman now.

“See we both have crossed ten dimensions of Vasus, Rudras and Adityas. This  is the final frontier of River Vai-Tarini, which means the one that helps cross the ocean of life, which is the most difficult to cross in our efforts to reach the Eleventh dimension. Whatever happens, do not stop or pause or even freeze rowing even for a moment. Or else we will get drowned and have to go back and start it all over again” – the traveller said.

“What..?” – I asked shocked, as what he said sank into me fully.

And when it hit the bottom, ‘I’ froze.


PS: I don’t post stories in Medhajournal, in general. I thought this is an exception, as I deal with some of the concepts explained in our Puranas.

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