The Eternal Varna Asrama Dharma – Part 9


I had talked about Varna and Asrama in detail in the previous chapters. These are stark truths that do not require much evidences in general. While there could be a debate about what is the optimal mix of different Varnas (professional types), it is a plain fact that there are three professions in the world, viz Knowledge provider, Material provider and Service Provider that are based on Gunas, while Gunas are acquired by learning, there is a fourth profession which is simply labor or cheap labor.

Similarly that there are four stages (asramas) of human life for a happly living could also be easily understood. The four asramas of Brhmacharya, Grhasta, Vanaprastha and Sanyasa are based on requirements of human body/mind and also the society. One who goes through these asramas live a happy contended life.

But what I am going to describe hereafter in terms of the evolution of Aryan Civilization is highly controversial which I wouldn’t vouch as pretty accurate. I describe here what I understand at this point with evidences that I have.

Understanding of Civilizations

A picture of ancient Civilizations are created today through research of three different methods.

Linguistic anthropology is the study of language and literary texts left by those civilizations that are preserved even today. For example the Vedas, Upanishads, Epics, mythological stories, use of certain letters, sounds, grammar et al provide an understanding of the times of those civilizations.

Second is the archeological evidence from which a picture of the civilization is understood.  As parts of old civilizations are torn down continuoulsy and rebuilt over time, the old rubble is often used as fill or foundation for new structures. Over thousands of years this can create a layer effect. As scientists dig down through the mound, they see various layers each layer representing various stages of civilization.

Third is the paleo-anthropology that uses forensics and genetics to trace the evolution of human races and human species as a whole.

There are also several other methods like socio-cultural anthropology that uses study of culture and social customs to trace the evolution of human civilizations.

The fact is that these are different methods and each one would provide a picture which intersects with other at places and contradict also each other at times. Depending on people certain logical reasoning is used to create an over-arching or all-encompassing models for civilization evolution that would fit with the current findings and knowledge.

This approach is good one as the model keeps changing as more and more knowledge comes out. What one needs to keep in mind is that the final word has not been said on these issues.

I would be going on a fantasy journey in these chapters as I try to trace the civilization evolution in my own way with little to nil evidence at times, using variety of above approaches. 

What is an Aryan Civlization..?

Arya is a word that is used in several places in scriptures as a way of respectfully addressing an individual. 

In that sense it is like ‘Mr’ or ‘Sir’. As all English-speaking followers of Western Civilization address others as ‘Sir’, followers of a particular civilization addressed others as ‘Arya’.

In my view, ‘Arya; is formed by mixing three different words in an order. 

In a Varna Asrama Dharma society, Brahmanas (Knowledge providers) initiate the societal evolution. It is carried forward by Kshatriyas (Service providers) who exploit the knowledge and tools produced by Brahmanas and provide services. It is grounded by Vaizyas who actually provide all goods and materials for a materialistic living.

Brahma is the root word of BrAhmana. Brahma is the first and/or originator.  BrAhman means one who keeps doing that (evolving). It ends with ‘Aa’.

Kshatr is the root word of Kshatriya. Kshatr means power. Kshatri is one who uses the power (physical or mental) to work. It ends with ‘R’

Vaizya means one who is dependent on. It means vassalage.  It is used to indicate farmers, as they are dependent on soil or natural resources to provide goods. It ends with ‘ya’.

Arya is a combination of  last letters of these three Varnas. An Aryan Civilization is one in which is based on the Varna Asrama Dharma of three Varnas.

Civilizations that adopted the Varna Asrama Dharma became Aryan Civilizations. 

Contemporary example is ‘Western or American Civilization’. Today most of the world population is adopting or have adopted the principles of Western Civilization that focuses on materialism, science, technology, exploitation of natural resources, personal pleasure and satisfaction.

Aryan Civilization was similar to the Western Civilization in influence in those days.

Who is an Aryan..?

In my view there is no specific tribal or clan that can be called Aryan.

Aryan was very much like the current day American Civilization, to be precise. As they say History repeats itself.

Who is an American..? American civilization is formed not just by White Anglo-Saxon protestants and Red Indians. It is a mixture of Spanish, French, German and other European civilizations. Later on it further mixed with Negros, Asians and any other people.

Like wise, in my view, Aryan Civilization was a confluence or was stewed in the amalgamation pot of 4 different tribes that acquired certain characteristics like Varna Asrama Dharma.

Thus Aryan was not a RACE but civilizations that practised certain principles and procedures.

The Caucasoids, Mongoloids and Australoids merged in the areas around Central Asia, South East Asia and the Sub-continent.  The Caucasoids were the ‘Red skinned’ people. The Mongoloids were the ‘Yellow skinned’ people. The Australoids were the ‘Black Skinned people’. 

Currently scholar describe the Caucasoids as the white-skinned man. I refute it. Caucasoids are the Red skinned people (Pink skinned).  And they depict the Caucasoids as the Aryan Race. I refute that too. Aryan is not a RACE. It is a Civilization.

They depict that Caucasoid Aryan over-ran the Austraoid Dravidians as they were nomadic. I refute that too. 

In my view, Australoids had domesticated horses, Mongoloids had cultivated rice and Australoids had tamed the rivers and seas. The skill-sets of these three sets of people complimented each other and only required an ignition of knowledge to create a flourising civilization.

The confluences of these 3 tribes cemented by knowledge and civilization gave rise to Aryan civilization

Till the time this confluence happened there was no Aryan civilization as such. This confluence brought about a distinct civilization called Aryan Civilization.

While I have mentioned conluence of 3 tribes, I have left out the 4th one. I think the 4th one was probably the key and most instrumental in ‘civilizing’ the 3 tribes and getting them to form the Aryan Civilization.

The 4th tribe was the ‘White Skinnned’ Man. They were the ‘Rishis’ of the Yore who had immense knowledge and helped form this Civilization.

Where were they from..? How do I say that..? 

Let’s see in next chapters..


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