The Goddess of Night

The Goddess of Night



She descends, in her dark beauty

When her fair sister departs

To pull a thick veil over men

And their actions of that day.




She cools, verily, she soothes,

She covers her children

With an invisible cloak

To make babies out of men.



She renews her rooted children

As their leaves close one by one

While some of them shut down

To refresh and to give again.



She watches over those

Who settle after a hard day

Of flying high, hither- thither

Of feeding wide open mouths.



She soothes those beings who

Tuck their weary tails under

Their tired furry bodies

As they settle in her silent wonder.



She guides them, the night prowlers

Those who stir only when she arrives

Their gem -like eyes all aglow

The beings who’d hunt until sunrise .



She smiles and soothes them

Those of her easier children

Who live by instinct alone and

 Walks over to her other children.



The rag picker looks around

Finds a clean enough space

The best he could, where he stays

Lies down and peers at her face.



She strokes his aching head

And murmurs words of love

 Smiles he through his pain and dirt

 And settles with his sky – roof above.



 The empire builder sighs and

 Broods of all, that day he faced

Oh, mother!”  He cries out and

Totters over, as he is quite dazed.



She stands right beside him

Waiting to help, wanting to steady

He tries to drown his anxiety

In a glass of golden brown pity.



She shakes her head sadly

As he downs pills to fight his fear

She sighs and leaves as she knows

That he can speak, but he can’t hear.



She is everywhere when Sun goes down

In her dark depths we all drown

And go there to those other worlds

Until the next day, if one we own.



In her lap, we find some peace

To pass the next day in relative ease

Just as it happens after the big pause

Which follows the great cycle, by set laws.



In her custody, we every night drop

All those worries and doubts that

Otherwise would put a mighty stop

And drag on us like a mean rock.



We march on, in this journey 

A small part of the great journey

This, we can complete and be one

With the one and only again



 With her help and surely

By listening to her loving call

To sleep, to appreciate,

To connect, and to defy fate.


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