The Green Guava

It was a near miss, this fruit

But when the wretched owner of the orchard

Looked away, I managed to grab it

It looks green, firm and shiny.

My mouth waters

I rush the fruit to my mouth

Well, a little salt would help

But small pleasures in a cow herd’s life

Can’t wait for trivial things

But, on the way , he snatched it!

The spoilt son of Yashoda!

“You thief!” I scream

He runs like a little piece of lightning

Down soft meadows and marshy fields

I give chase, Alas! Am no match for him!

Abruptly he stops and turns towards me

I almost trip and hit my toe

The thief! The bully! The little rascal!

He then takes a noisy bite

Out of my hard-earned fruit

“Hey!” I scream again

This time in concern for his baby teeth

He smiles and my head swims

He hands over the half- bitten fruit

And that’s how this cow herd

Got to eat the world’s tastiest green guava.

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