The Impending Nuclear Deal (Indian Politics)

Perusing the Indian News site RSS feeds, I found headlines such as "UPA wins 275 for, 256 against". Now I haven't been paying much attention to the political situation in India recently (and besides, for me, politics is generally an unpalatable dish)…but this taken in perspective of the impending nuclear deal (with the US), seems extremely ominous.

Read Rajeev Srinivasan's article on the nuclear deal .

What strikes me as being most critical (Rajeev's analysis, not mine) —


  • Does not give India any unique status, but is identical to the agreement with non-Nuclear Weapons States, and quite different from one with the P-5.
  • Does not guarantee fuel supply, but guarantees perpetual IAEA inspections.
  • Does conform to US domestic legislation like the Hyde Act.
  • Does not allow India, unlike the P-5, to unilaterally withdraw its facilities from intrusive inspections.
  • Does not specify what 'corrective steps', if any, India may take in case of supply disruptions; to wit, there are no corrective steps.


If this analysis is correct (usually Rajeev is right on the money with his analysis) , that means that The Manmohan Singh (Sonia Gandhi) government is leading India down a path of further servitude and a return to it's spineless existence (akin to the pre-BJP tenure). Have the Commies called it right for the first time in the lives afterall?

Perhaps someone better equipped than me will be able to share more light on this matter?


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