Do you remember the Rubik's Cube? Do you have fond memories of those hours spent twisting its creeking faces? Can you still picture where you were when you finally solved it the first time?

Here is your next brain basher: the iQUBE!

What's the game?

Marriage between two of the most popular puzzles: the 130 years old Sliding Tile Puzzle and the 30 years old Rubik's cube, the iQUBE is played by rotating cubes of colored faces.


Place each cube in its original location (1,2,3; 4,-,5; 6,7,8) and all cubes oriented the same way, different than in the original position. For example, place all cubes white face up, blue face North, and orange face East, instead of yellow face up, green face North, and orange face East.

How do you play?

Each move pivots a cube into the empty location. To move a cube,
. either click on it
. or drag it into the empty location
. or conversely: drag the empty location into the cube.

The latter moving option seems counter-intuitive but by playing the
game you will quickly find out how convenient it is as it allows to
chain moves rapidly in a single drag.

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