The Mantra Tantras of Sandhya Vandanam – Dik Devatha Vandanam




I chose to intersperse my writeup on TSV with mapping of science, some of which may become true or proved otherwise in future.


I have tried to elaborate lot of concepts using TSV procedure, TSV procedure in itself is simple and scientific. I would write a very crisp TSV procedure that anyone can follow with meaning and benefit, after I am through with all of it.



I went on this path of interspersing with science concepts, because I think they are indeed true. In a way, TSV is the essence of Vedas. Vedas are all about understanding and invoking the forces of nature in us, learn from them and evolve.


If one practices TSV understanding its procedures, he/she becomes a person who has learnt the Vedas. More important that person has learnt the Vedas in a way that he can use it and better his/her conduct and evolution.


Saluting the eleven Spatial manifestations of Atman – Dik Devataha Vandanam


Typically once we introduce ourselves to the main person in a place, we introduce ourselves to all others. In the same way, once we introduce ourselves to Atman and his manifestations,  we praise the spatial manifestations of that Atman that emanate from that Atman.


According to my interpretations of Aitareya Upanishad, there are eleven spatial directions and eleven forces that emanate from Atman. The eleven forces deploy themselves ‘using’ the eleven spatial directions and are perceived as ‘eleven spatial dimensions’.


The eleven spatial directions are Pracya, Dashina, Pradeecha, Udichya, Oordwara, Aadhaara, Antareeksha, BhUma, BrAhman, Vishnu and Mrtyu.


Pracyai – Spatial direction one – Front


Pracya means front, ancient or oldest. Pracyai means one that is ancient and oldest.


East direction is referred to as Pracya, as it is the first or ancient direction amongst the directions.

Dakshinayai – Spatial direction two –  Right


Dakshin means that is on the right side. Dakshinayai means one that is on the right side.


South direction is referred to as Dakshin as it is to the right of East direction.


Praticya  –  Spatial direction three – Back


Praticya means remotely placed or concealed. Praticyai means one that is in this concealment.


The western direction is designated as ‘remotely placed’ or ‘concealed’ from the ancient direction of East. It also means and  indicates ‘in the back’ or ‘in the hind’


Udicya – Spatial direction four – Left


UdI means raising, increasing. UdIcya means one that ‘raises oneself’. Udicyai means one that in this raising of the Self.


The northern direction is designated as ‘Udicya’ as this is the direction of ‘rise’. Though ‘North’ is more a direction related to Earth’s magnetic pole and has no relevance outside Earth, the direction of Earth’s magnetic North pole is ‘referred’ to as the ‘direction of Atman’ in Vastu Sastras.


In fact the direction of ‘North-South’ (which from a Universal perspective keeps changing as Earth moves around the sun, sun moves around the Galaxy and Galaxy itself keeps moving) is referred to as the direction of flow of Energy from Atman (or the direction of Expanding Universe).


Urdhva – Spatial Direction five – Top/Above


Urdhva means one that is ‘erect’ or on ‘top’. Urdhvayai means one that makes erect.


The top-most is designated as Urdhva as it is the zenith of erect.


Aadhara – Spatial Direction six – Bottom/Below


AdhAra means that is at the Core or the basis. Adharayai means one that is at the core.


The bottom-most is designated as Adhara as it is the trough of the ‘core’


AntarikSa – Spatial Direction Seven – Between


Antar means in-between. iKSa means something we can ‘see through’. ‘antarikSa’ means something we can see through in the middle. It could be extrapolated to something that is transparent, ether, space etc.


Space ‘in-between’ is designated as AntarikSa .


Bhumya – Spatial Direction Eight – Around/Outside


Bhumya means earth. Bhumyai means one that belongs to earth. For eg., the moon, atmosphere around the Earth etc, belongs to Earth.


Space ‘around’ or ‘outside’ is designated as Bhumyai, as the ‘Candrama’ is around the Bhumi.


Brahma – Spatial Direction Nine – Middle/Center/Inside


Brahma means one that goes on Creating. (BrAhman means one that keeps on evolving).

The Brahma of matter and beings is the ‘ninth’ dimension of space. Since Brahma originated from the ‘Nabhi’ of Vishnu, Brahma is also used to indicate one that’s in the middle or Center or Inside.


‘Centre’ or ‘middle’ or ‘inside’ is designated as ‘Nabhi’ as it is a hole/space in the middle.


Vishnu – Spatial Direction Ten- Everywhere


Vishnu means one who works or who starts working.  Vishnu is used to indicate omnipresence also.


‘Everywhere’ is designated as Vishnu.


Mrtyu – Spatial Direction Eleven – Nowhere


Mtryu means death. Death is what sustains life and evolution in case of both matter and beings.


The Mrtyunjaya Mantra states that Death is the basis of life, as life spreads through all around like a Cucumber through ‘death and dispersal’ and thus achieves immortality.


Death is a process by which we become nowhere by spreading everywhere.


‘Nowhere’ is designated as Mrtyu, as the dead (in particular cells and biological beings) become digested, become energy for other cells and beings. Thus they become spatially ‘nowhere’.


The Eleven spatial directions, Eleven Dik  Devathas


Thus there are eleven Unique Spatial directions in this Universe. They are Front, Back, Right, Left, Top, Bottom, Between, (around) Outside, (center) Inside, Everywhere and Nowhere.

Can anyone find an Unique Spatial direction apart from these Eleven..?


Dik DEvatha Vandanam – The Mantra part


With folded hands offer salutations to the different directions facing that direction:_

Pracyai  dishe nama (east, Front)

Dakshinayai dishe nama (south, Right)

Pradeechai dishe nama ( west, Back)

Udichyai dishe nama (North, Left)

Oordwayai nama (above, Top)

Adharayai nama (below, Bottom)

Anthareekshayai nama (Between)

Bhoomyai nama (Around/outside)

Brahmane nama (Middle/Inside)

Vishnave nama (Everywhere)

Mrutuyuve nama (Nowhere)



Salutations to the one who manifests as Front, Right, Back, Left, Top, Bottom, Between, Outside/Around, Center/Inside, Everywhere and Nowhere.


The Spatial Directions and Spatial Dimensions


In my blog on Rudra, I had mapped the eleven forces of Rudra to eleven dimensional space.  Here I talk about eleven spatial directions. How do they relate to each other..?


One or more of the eleven spatial directions combine and form the spatial dimensions. Structures of more than 3 dimensions use all the eleven spatial directions.  Let me illustrate it simply..

One dimensional space curls to Two dimensional space


Let’s look at what a ‘Single Dimensional’ being sees and how it perceives the world. It is sees everything in a ‘line’, like the following.



Assume it is standing at the starting point of this line. Then it sees the ‘Pracyai’ (Front) only.


Assume now the line ‘curls up’ into the ‘second’ dimension on ‘Dakshin/Right side’ that the ‘Single Dimensional’ being cannot see, like below. It just ‘feels’ that part of the line has become ‘invisible’.



Assume now that the line ‘curls up’ further on the ‘PradIksai/Back side’, like below. Now the Single Dimensional being can see that another single dimensional line has appeared on its back side. This is because the Single dimensional being cannot perceive the ‘space’ between the two lines. It just sees an extension of the line at the back.




Again remember this Single Dimensional being cannot understand that these two lines are actually connected by another plane or that they are far apart. That second dimensional plane is invisible to it.


While the single dimensional being will be able to see the second line ONLY as a line extended at the back, it cannot move on to that second dimensional line physically, as it is in another dimension. It will move on the line at its back and ‘think’ that it is moving on the second line, while in reality it will be moving at its back and not the real ‘second dimensional’ line, which is far apart.


Assume now that the line ‘curls up’ further into the second dimension on the ‘Udichai/Left side’, as below. Now the Single dimensional being cannot see this direction. It just perceives that part of the line that was at the back has become invisible again.



Though the line from one dimension has become two dimensional by curling up into the second dimension, the Single Dimensional being cannot distinguish between the two lines or understand that there is space ‘between’ the lines and another dimension exists between these two.


It just sees only one line (either elongated or at the same length) though the single-dimensional line has become a two-dimensional figure, by this curling up.


Two Dimensional space curls to Three Dimensional space


Now, let’s look at a two dimensional being in front of a two-dimensional figure. Assume we are talking about a ‘Flatland’ that spans in length and breadth.


The two dimensional being ‘sees’ two spatial directions Pracya/Pradiksha and Dakshin/Udichai. That is Front/Back, Right/Left. It sees four squares colored Red, Yellow, Orange and Green continuously laid after one another.


Assume that this flatland now ‘curls up’ into the third dimension as in the following figure.



The two dimensional being can never visualize this curling up, in reality. It can visualize this curling up into a new dimension as an elongation of the ‘joints’ of the squares, but nothing more.


When it is curled up, the two dimensional being will see that the Yellow square has become invisible, as it cannot see that dimension.  It will see a ‘yellow joint’ between the Red and Orange Squares. It will also see the Orange and Green Squares overlapping the Red square or in other words drawn over the Red Square.


While the two dimensional being will be able to see the Red, Orange and Green squares, it cannot move on to that third dimensional line physically, as it is in another dimension. It will move on the ‘representation of the Green and Orange squares’ as it sees it and ‘think’ that it is moving on the Red and Orange Squares, while in reality it will be moving front and back and not the real ‘third dimensional’ square, which is far apart.


Hence this flatland further curls up into the third dimension as in the following figure.

The two-dimensional being now will see that the Green square also have become invisible. It will just see that the Orange square is drawn over part of the Red Square. It cannot really move onto the Orange Square, though it will move on that representation of that Orange square over the Red Square.


But a three dimensional creature like us can see the ‘third’ dimension and the spacing ‘between’ the Red and Orange squares. This third dimension is the ‘Urdhva’ (Red, Yellow, Orange, Green square at the top) and ‘Adhara’ (Red, Yellow, Orange, Green square at the bottom).


Three dimension curling up to four dimensions


Now, let’s look at a three dimensional being like us, in front of a three-dimensional figure. Assume we are talking about a 3-D space that spans in length, breadth and width.



Now imagine the above structure is ‘curled up’. We, in the 3D space can only visualize that curling up in 3 Dimension. We will imagine as if the joints of the cubes are stretched.


As the ‘2D being’ imagined that the ‘joints’ stretched and square became invisible when the 2D space curled up, we in the 3D domain can only visualize the elongation of the joints and the yellow cube becoming invisible in the fourth dimension!.


The curled up 3D space may look like as above with the Yellow Cube becoming invisible and a ‘Yellow joint’ appearing.


But a 4 Dimensional being can see the Yellow Cube between the Red and “Orange/Green’ Cubes, in the fourth dimension, as we, the 3 dimensional beings were able to see the Yellow Square in the previous example.


As a 3 dimensional figure is represented in a two dimensional way, a 4 dimensional figure can be represented in a 3 dimensional way as following.




The above is a representation, just to give an idea of the fourth dimension that we are talking about. 

When curled up fully on all the sides, the above cube may be represented in 2D as follows



Now new spatial directions like Antariksha (Between), Bhumya (around), Brahma (Center),  are used up.


In reality we will not be able to visualize or see the fourth dimension at all. But we can through our consciousness/intelligence and get a ‘hang’ or ‘idea’ of what it would mean based on the 1D, 2D, 3D analogies, I gave above. Hence the above figure.


Higher dimensional curling



In this way 4 Dimensional space can curl up and become 5 –dimensional, 5 dimensional space can curl up and become 6 dimensional, 6 can become 7, 7 can become 8 and 8 can become 9.


Below is an ‘orthographic’ representation of a 9 dimensional cube in 2D space



Thus the eleven spatial directions of Left, Right, Top, Down, Front, Back, Between, Inside, Outside, Everywhere and Nowhere make up all the dimensions.

Unwinding the spatial dimensions


As the space can be visualized as curling up and creating more and more dimensions, a ‘curled up’ space can ‘uncurl’ and release those dimensions.


For eg., the above examples can be visualized as ‘uncurling’ of space, if we go back from 4-dimensional space to 1dimensional space.



Atman – The multi-dimensional entity

The Atma that exists at the core of the Universe, according to Aitareya Upanishad, which is the cause for evolution of Universe, in my view, is a multi-dimensional entity.


Aitareya Upanishad talks about the evolution of this Universe from the Atman in stages. I had mapped the eleven forces that evolve in stages from Atman to eleven Rudras in my earlier blogs on Aitarerya Upanishad, Rudram Chamakam etc.


I mapped the eleven forces or eleven Rudras to eleven dimensions of space too. Why..?


We can visualize Atman as a multi-dimensional entity (minimum eleven dimension) that keeps on unleashing its force, uncurling its space one by one till the universe has evolved to this point.


In reality, Nasadiya Suktam says that NONE can know or only partially know that one that exists as Atman. So Atman may be a multi-dimensional entity far beyond all the consciousness and intelligence. But Atman is perceivable as a 11 dimensional entity to us.


The eleven forces of Atman as I had mapped from Aitareya Upanishad are:

  1. Higgs field that provides mass
  2. Force of dark matter on matter that influences the spin property of matter (science does not say so, this is my understanding from AU and Vedas)
  3. Strong Force
  4. Electro-magnetic force
  5. Gravitational force
  6. Force that creates the Baryons (Science does not attribute this to any force)
  7. Force that creates the mesons (Science does not attribute this to any force)
  8. Force that creates the leptons (Science does not attribute this to any force)
  9. Force that creates the atoms and polymers (Science does not attribute this to any force)
  10. Force that creates the elements and Ribosomes (Science does not attribute this to any force) and evolves them further in intelligence
  11. Force that causes death and radioactive decay (Science maps radioactive decay to weak force, but metabolic degradation is not mapped to any force)

But we perceive only three forces of Atman and hence only a three dimensional space.

The perceivable three dimensions of Atman


Of these eleven forces, ONLY three forces have explicitly perceivable at ‘macroscopic levels’ through our senses. In other words, our senses, which operate in the ‘macroscopic’ region (not in the microscopic or quantum regions),  have the ability to explicitly sense only three forces.


They are Higgs field (that we perceive as mass), Electro-magnetic force (that we receive as light) and Gravitational force (that we perceive as attraction to Mother Earth).


The rest forces are curled up inside the sub-aomic particles, atoms, elements, biological molecules and beings.



My visualization of multi-dimensional Space (Psuedo-scientific at this point)



In terms of spatial dimensions, Higgs field that cause mass provides ‘breadth of an object’, Electro-magnetic force provides ‘length or reach’ and Gravitational force provides ‘Height’ or ‘depth’, as we stand erect due to Gravitational force.


In other words, in an Universe with only Higgs field and no Gravitational or EM field, objects will be single dimensional. The objects will have mass, but given there is no EM (light or sound) to sense and gravity to stand apart, beings can  feel objects only by touch, as everything floats over and hits!!. It might have been a single dimensional world.


In an Universe with Higgs and EM, but no Gravitational field, objects will two dimensional. The objects will have mass and beings can ‘see’ or ‘sense’. As there is no gravity,  the ‘concept of standing apart’ will not exist. It may be a total two-dimensional world!


In an Universe with Higgs, EM and Gravitation, objects are three-dimensional.


Thus the three forces of Atman cause us to perceive three spatial dimensions. 


The weak force that causes radio-active decay and manifests as death or degradation of metabolism (wear and tear) manifests as time. We perceive it as ‘time’.


The force of dark matter that impacts spin-property of matter is from ‘outside’ the matter unlike other forces. Hence it is not part of the space that ‘matter’ occupies.


Summarizing it, of the eleven dimensions of Atman, 1 manifests (we perceive) it as time, 3 as space, 6 are curled up forces inside the matter and 1 as force of dark matter acting on matter.

Becoming multi-dimensional


The other eight forces of Atman are all either curled up at Quantum levels inside the atoms or inside the cells. We do not have senses to perceive them, as our senses DO NOT operate at quantum levels.


Let’s assume we had developed an extra-sensor that operates at Quantum levels. Let’s say we have a Quantum sensor that detects the ‘Strong Force’ between the quarks that make them into Protons and our brain processes that too along with other macroscopic information.


We would be then ‘seeing’ a new dimension in every object we see. This dimension may be a ‘submerged’ dimension compared to other dimensions, but nevertheless we will still distinctly see it compared to other dimensions.


Similarly every force we are able to perceive and process may add a new ‘dimension’ to our brain visualization of the space.



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