The Mantra-Tantras of Sandhya Vandanam – Ganapati Dyanam

Ganapati Dyanam – Invoke peace in our actions


TSV as a wholesome training for body and mind synchronization can be done by any individual of any age and any religion. TSV is a procedure that has been institutionalized as a ‘Niyama’ for all individuals for their benefit.


Only after I started practicing it, I discovered how it is a 360* procedure compared to anything else and how much simple it is. In this modern world we need training for the body and more important ‘our mind’ to be balanced at all the times.


TSV is a procedure that can be applied irrespective of gender.


Women have been excluded from several Niyamas in olden days, primarily due to the fact that women were asked to treat their men (Father or husband) as ‘God’ and followed them blindly. When we follow someone blindly without any questions, our body and mind becomes extremely synchronized with no worries. This is the reason for emergence of several ‘Gurus’ and ‘Swamijis’, irrespective of their worthiness.


But this kind of dependence has brought in a huge stagnation in our evolution, as we lost half-the brain power in evolving ourselves. Particularly when men become unworthy, this blind-following brings in disaster to entire society.


Some people (with due respect to them) have ignorantly propagated that Gayatri Japam is harmful for women and they would become masculine with it. I do not see any veracity in such statements.


Gayatri is about triggering creation/creativity which comes from Savitr, which is invoked to dispel all our dis-beliefs and invoke self-confidence. (We will see this in detail in Prayachita Argyam). Women definitely need it. In fact, modern women definitely need this creativity and self-confidence.


A balanced mind is the basis of a happy and healthy life. This is the principle of TSV.  This is the requirement for all beings.

Invoking consciousness to provide peace – Mantra part

Shuklam bhaRtram Vishnum Sasi Varnam ChathurBhujam,

Prasanna Vadanam Dyayeth Sarva Vigna Upa Santhaye.


Shuklam bhaRtram Vishnum – The spotless/pure carrier of the Vishnu

Sasi Varnam –  Shines bright like a moon

Chatur Bhujam –  Four armed one

Prasanna Vadanam –  Pure faced

Dyayeth  – I meditate/invoke upon

Sarva Vigna – All actions

Upa Santhaye – provides peace


The meaning of the above is

Oh, the spotless bearer/carrier of Vishnu, shining bright like a moon, that has four arms, the pure faced one , I invoke you to provide peace in all my actions. 

Elephant-Head and Conch – The abode of Atma

In the Gods of Hindu Pantheon, those God-forms that symbolize creation or have an impact on creation carry ‘Conch’. In the last blog, I talked about the five-births of Vishnu and ‘Panchajanya’, the Conch of Vishnu symbolizes the five-births.


According to Nasadiya Suktam, ‘Vyom does not have death nor does it have life for ever. It keeps changing ever. In that night, as darkness kept surging as vyom consumed every little thing outside it there came a time that nothing existed outside vyom. At that time, first appeared a penis-head at the bottom of vyom. Though its nature was monstrous in that it encapsulated so much of heat that can give birth to millions of galaxies and stars, it was trifle in its appearance”.


Read more about it here:


The above structure that emerged at the night of the Universe is the ‘Conch’ from which the Creation takes place. In those god-forms (forms of Amba, Vishnu etc) that are associated with the matter, the above form is visualized as a ‘Conch’.



This Conch that carries the Vishnu is worshipped as ‘Gana-pati, ‘Ganesa’, ‘Vinayaka’ etc. The shape of  ‘Conch’ is same as that of Elephant Head.  The Brahmanda Purana says that Ganesha has the name Lambodara because all the worlds of the past, present, and future are present in him.


According to Nasadiya Suktam “Vyom formed by consuming all the fires that raged outside to come to a stable state. And Vyom shone like a blissful woman at that time and it was darkness everywhere else, as there was nothing outside vyom at that time”.


Since the ‘Conch’ shone like a beautiful woman with darkness everywhere else, Ganesa is said to be of ‘Sasi Varnam’ or ‘Moon lighted’. Ganesa is the external shell form (or the Conch form) which reflects the light of the Atma inside it as the moon reflects the light of the Sun.


The above structure when visualized upside down is the ‘Linga’. According to Nasadiya Suktam “The penis head got cut up and contents of top and bottom portions of vyom fused at the meeting point, producing a huge explosion with light and sound”.


I had mapped the eleven Rudras to eleven forces of Universe that emanate from the origin of Universe and the eleven dimensional space concept. It is the Rudra’s force that vibrates the Kesava (String) and make it appear as different matter forms. In those god-forms that are associated with the forces of the Universe (Shiva, Rudra etc) the same structure is seen as ‘Linga’ from which the forces originate.


According to Mudgala Purana, the second incarnation of ‘Ganesha’ is ‘Ekadanta’. Eka-danta is the form of the above structure, in which the ‘Linga’ appearing below the globular structure is partially cut and the forces of the Universe emanated from there. The above structure described is also the ‘OMkara swaroopam’.


In other words ‘Conch’ is the external shape that contained the ‘Atma’ which gave rise to Amba (primordial matter), Purusha (dark matter), Vishnu (matter and consciousness) and the ‘Rudras’. Thus this Conch is said to be the four-armed one (Chatur Bhujam).


This shape of ‘Conch’ is the one celebrated as the ‘Elephant Head’ with ‘One tusk broken’, as it matches with the shape of the ‘Elephant Head’. Obviously Universe started with the ‘Conch’ or the ‘Elephant Head’.


Since we drew this Conch in our body during Anga-Vandanam, the abode of Atma is our body now. The consciousness in our body is the reflection of that consciousness (Sasi varnam). Hence we invoke our own conscioiusness to provide peace in our own actions through this invocation.


In general, Elephant head/ Conch come to symbolize the starting point of all actions, as they are the abode of Atma and starting point of our Universe.

Invoking peace – Tantra part

Hit the forehead on both sides with closed fists. This is done to stimulate our brain. That stimulation brings focus and concentration to our brain. And then we recite this mantra.


In fact by nature, when we do something wrong, across all cultures, we hit our head with our hand. This is done as a natural mechanism to stimulate our brain and make it focused. What we do as part of this procedure is an improvised and correct version of the same. 


Whenever we start any action, we do this Ganapati Dyanam, by stimulating the brain and invoking peace in our actions from the consciousness that resides in us.


Whenever you want to memorize something, stimulate yourself as you do in Ganapati Dyanam and then memorize it. It would yield good results. 


Simply put, we need to be at peace with what we are doing, before we start doing it. This is the principle of Ganapati Dyanam.


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