The Mantra Tantras of Sandhya Vandanam – Gayatri Avahanam


TSV is not about language. It is about using our brain, breathing and thoughts to influence our body and keep us synchronized and balanced with the natural flow of events and thereby become part of the evolutionary process without pain.


It is an exercise to feel happy and contended at all times and remain in that blissful state forever in life and death. Hence there is no doubt that it is required for kids, young and the middle-aged.


I believe (with no scientific evidence) that exercising our mind continuously, consistently, but without over-running it, would keep diseases such as Alzheimers at bay.  In fact any mental recitation that is done daily would help to keep such diseases away for a long time. Hence middle-aged and elderly should make it a habit to do TSV.

Gayatri Avahanam – What does it mean..?


When we completed the Pranayama in a mind-breathing synchronized way, we have tamed the body and mind. We are ready to invoke that Savitr, that self-propelling one that ignites the Sun (which I mapped to nuclear fusion), in our mind to manifest it as our Self-Confidence.


Self-Confidence is NOT the confidence with which we do a task. It is the confidence with which we take a result of the task, assimilate and accept it and proceed as usual.


We will be truly self-confident only when we learn to accept any results as they are and further work on them to evolve ourselves. With that self-confidence, we will become part of the process of Creation and Evolution mentally. We will develop the ability to feel free in-spite of all the troubles that surround us.


But what is the essential characteritics to invoke self-confidence that enable us to accept all the results as one and same..? That is to develop the ability to remain nuetral at all times. From where do we learn, how to remain  nuetral..? That is from Gayatri. That ‘s why we do Gayatri Avahanam, which means inviting Gayatri into us.


Gayathri   Avahanam – The Mantra Part


Recite the following Mantra


AyAtviti anuvAkasya vAmadeva RuShihi (Touch the forehad)

anuShTup Chandaha (Touch the nose)

gAyatrI devatA (touch the middle of chest)


AyA tu – You to reach , You to attain

viti – this path

Anuvakasya – in this passage

Vamadeva – The force of Vama

Rsi – Originator


You to attain this path in this passage, the force of Vama is the Originator, which is delivered in one shot and the destination is the Creation of matter and beings(Gayatri)

VamaDeva – Electro-magnetic force – Nourisher

I had mapped the eleven Rudras to eleven dimensional force fields in my blogs on Rudra. According to my understanding of Aitareya Upanishad these eleven forces evolved from the Atma.


1. Force that originates from Amba, the primordial matter (I map  it to force that causes scalar Boson that gives mass dubbed Higgs Boson) (Vaca, Expression)

2. Force of Dark matter on Matter (which I had surmised that influences the spin property of matter) (Agnir, Fire)

3. Strong Force (gluons) (Prana, Vayu, Quark-Gluon Plasma)

4. Electro-magnetic force (mediated by photons, CMB) (Aksi/Caksu, Arka)

5. Gravitational force (Karnau, ‘Ear lobe like force’)

6. Force that creates the charge and hence the differentiation in nucleons (Hrdaya, Protons and Nuetrons)

7. Strong force of Mesons that bind the protons and neutrons (Manasa, Mesons)

8. Weak force that originates radio-active decay and hence death and separates the leptons, ie electrons (Candrama , the satellite particle, leptons)

9. Force that drives the formation of elements, compounds and polymers (Zizna, Rod-like structures, polymers)

10. Force that originates acidic medium that provides energy to metabolism (Reta, Semen that holds the sperm, Soma, nucleic acids)

11. Force that originates alkaline medium that evolves biological life (Apa, the sperm, alkaline compounds that carry intelligence)


Our Sastras say there are five important forces of Shiva. They are Eshana, Purusha, Aghora, VamaDeva and SadyojAta.

Five forces of Shiva on matter

Eshana, the force acting on Amba (the primordial matter) and gives ‘mass’ to the primordial matter and converting it to matter. Science says Higgs Bosons  dubbed as the ‘God Particle’ causes mass. Eshana means the commanding force. This is the force that makes matter express outside and hence causes the Vageesa.


Purusha (which I map to dark matter) influences the spin property of this matter and causes ‘Agni’ or ‘Fire’ on this Amba raising its heat internally (concealed), thus kick-starting the evolution. Purusha means one that causes the dawn or kick-starts the evolution. Purusha influences the spin property of matter.


Aghora is the ‘Strong force’ that binds the quarks and creates all matter particles from this heated up primordial matter.  This causes the ‘Vayu/ Quark-Glun Plasma’ which is the carrier of all metabolism in the Universe. ‘Ghora’ is one who has no proper form and shape. Aghora means one who has a form and shape. Aghora is the junction of matter and primordial matter. It is the place at which matter dissolves into primordial matter or primordial matter rejuvenates into matter.


Vamadeva is equivalent to the electro-magnetic force, mediated by photons and that creates Arka (Radiation) from the heat. Vama Deva means one that diffuses/ejects and spreads everywhere nourishing.


VAma means one that diffuses/ejects and spreads everywhere. VAmana is derived from this as one that has long or infinite reach. VAma also indicates a female breast as it diffuses milk and feeds growth as the Electro-magnetic force does. Thus Vama is the nourisher and preserver.


The relic of the electro-magnetic radiation that evolved during origins of Universe is present as Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) in the Universe. Hence Vama is also used to indicate ‘spent’.


SadyoJatas  are set of forces that operate in the immediate vicinity. They envelope around and are hence the Varuna. They  do not have a long range or field. Sadya means immediate. JAta means born. SadyoJAta means those that are born in the immediate vicinity.


The force that arises due to charge property of matter, the weak force that holds the electrons in their shells around nucleus and cause radio-active decay/death, forces that drive the evolution of chemical compounds, polymerization, acidic and alkaline medium etc are examples of SadyoJAta.


Thus SadyoJAta are the creators of mortal matter and beings.

Science says that there are four fundamental forces viz Strong force, Electromagnetism, Gravitation and Weak force. Currently according to science, the interaction between dark matter and matter is not clear, while I map that dark-matter influences the spin property of matter, which is the force of Purusha that acts on matter, which is called Shiva.

Shiva – The Arthanareeswara

Shiva is seen as half-male and half-female, as Shiva is the force of Purusha, the dark matter (male) on Amba, the primordial matter (female). This force, according to my interpretations, influences the spin property of matter, thereby inducing electro-magnetism, which nourishes the entire Universe, including its matter and beings.


Since Shiva is depicted as Purusha on the right and Amba on the left and it is Amba from whicthh the electro-magnetic radiations originate, VAma also indicates left.


Five forces of Shiva and Twelve names of Vishnu

Kesava, the primitive string, is acted on by the Very Atma and becomes the Narayana. The Narayana, is peacefully meditating or remains in silent bliss and is called Madhava, until acted on by the force of Rudra and woken up.


Eshana, force that causes Vageesa (Expression), the force I mapped to Higgs field, mediated by Higgs Boson, dubbed as ‘God Particle’, acts on Madhava, the string with Atma that is deeply meditating (silent) and causes the Govinda, the one that seeks the evolution. Thus Madhava becomes Govinda. Govinda acquires the the three Gunas (Satvik, Rajas, Tamas which I map to Spin, Charge and Mass) and becomes Vishnu.


Purusha, force that causes Agni (Heat), the force I mapped to dark matter, acts on Vishnu, the one that is working, that has the property of mass, spin and charge, influencing its spin property (Saatvik property) and causes this fire.  Thus the Vishnu becomes MadhuSudhana (Becomes active, slayer of inaction) by forming quarks and leptons (fermions) out of this heat. The Vishnu, the primordial matter, with differentiating spin property (half-spin) gives rise to Tri-Vikrama, the three generations of Fermions (with half-spin).


Aghora, the strong force, mediated by gluons and mesons, binds the Quarks (Gluons) forming protons and also the Vamana (binding protons and neutrons by mesons), thus forming the nucleus. Thus it moves Tri-Vikrama (Quarks) to Vamana (nucleons). The nucleons thus formed acquire the property of Radiation and thus become Sridhara, the one which is the basis of all matter/materials in the Universe.


Vamadeva, the electro-magnetic force, mediated by photons, radiates the energy of nucleons, thus forming the basis of further evolution. It moves the Sridhara, the one that supports mortal matter to HrsiKesa, the polymer molecules (Eg. RNA) on which evolves senses and consciousness. From this polymerization of molecules, beings with ‘open navel’ or ‘Padma Nabha’ are born. These are beings where their DNA is not bound in a nucleus and is open. Science calls them ‘Prokaryotes’


SadyoJAta, the forces that operate in near vicinity, drive the evolution of biological beings further. It evolves the Padmanabah, the beings with open navel, the Prokaryotes into Damodhara, beings with String/Rope around the Navel. Damodhara means those with ‘Roped/Stringed Navel’. (Dama – Rope,String, Dhara – navel). Such beings have their DNA enclosed in Nuclear membrane and are called Eukaryotes. 

Who is Gayatri.?

As seen above Vamadeva, the electro-magnetic force is the nourisher, preserver as well as originator of beings. Hence Vamadeva is the Rshi for Gayatri. But who is Gayatri..?


Gayatri is the one originated by Vamadeva, the electro-magnetic force. Science says Photons are the quanta of this electro-magnetic force or in other words photons are the particles that carry this electro-magnetic force. According to science, photons are massless, electrically neutral, have a spin of 1 (not half-spin). They are the only known guage bosons that are completely neutral.


MahaNarayana Upanishad says Gayatri Chanda is the ‘Paramatma Swaroopam’ (manifestation of Paramatma). It also says Gayatri is the intimate union or communion (junction point) of paramatma with mortal beings.


Science says Photons are the source of life in this Universe and connect the matter and beings.

Gayatri – The Completely Nuetral Photon

We recite the following mantra


Aayathu varada devi aksharam brahma samhitham.

Gayathri chandasam  mathedam brahma jushasvame.


AyA tu – To reah

Varada Devi – feminine force that grants

Aksa – One that passes thru, penetraes, which I mapped to Electro-magnetic force in my blogs on Rudra

Aram – readily, suitably, swiftly

akSaram – Swiftly passing through force (EM force)

Brahma – First created or Creation process

Sammitam – Equal to

Gayatri Chandasam Mate – Manifesting as Mother Gayatri

Idam – here

Brahma – first create

Jusa – devoted to

Asva – Nuetral or having no property or a balance of three gunas

Me – in me


AyA tu Varada Devi– To reach this feminine force that grants

Aks aram Brahma Sammitam – the EM force equal to the creation or creator

Gayatri Chandasam Mate –  Manifesting as the Mother Gayatri

Idam Brahma Jusa asva me – Here create the devotion to being nuetral in me


“To reach/attain this feminine force that grants the EM force equal to the creation that manifests as Mother Gayatri, let it create the devotion to being nuetral in me”


We pray to Mother Gayatri which grants us the EM force (Science says photons mediate the force or force carriers)  to develop the property of being completely Nuetral in us. Why..?

Invoking Gayatri, the neutral Photon to become neutral in our mind

It is simply because Gayatri is nothing but the PHOTON that mediates the electro-magnetic force and Science says that this Photon is the ONLY particle known in the world to be completely neutral in every way with zero mass, zero charge and spin of 1 integer. Even the gluons (the other guage bosons) are color charged.


And this photon is nothing but the light we receive from the Sun. It is the Cosmic Microwave Background that is present in the Universe everywhere.


So we invoke this Mother Gayatri, the Photon, that is the reason for life of everything in this world, to develop the property of being COMPLETELY NUETRAL in us.


No wonder this invocation is associated with Sun, as Sun is the source of this Photons for us in Earth.


This is beauty of Vedas. They integrate science with our life, consciousness with matter, make us learn from sub-atomic particles to fellow intelligent beings.


Inviting Gayatri, Savitri and Saraswati


We Recite the following Mantras next


Oojosi , sahosi ,balamasi, brajosi ,devaanaam dhama naamaasi . viswamasi,

viswayu sarvamasi, sarvayu abhipoorom


oojosi – That is energy

sahosi – That is endurance

Balamasi – That is strength

Brajosi – That is illuminance

Devanaam dhama naamaasi – That is the force indeed for super-intelligent beings

Viswamasi – That is everywhere in the Universe

Viswayur Sarvamasi – In the Universe that is the life of everything

SarvAyur Abhi Bhur Om – Every life in Biological domain (Planets) and Matter domain (AUM, the model of Universe).


This Gayatri, the photon is the energy, endurance, strength, illuminance, force that creates intelligent beings, remains everywhere in Universe (as CMB), life of everything in the Universe including matter and biological beings.


Next Recite the following Mantra

Gayathrim avahayami

Savithrim avahayami

saraswathim avahayami


Gayatrim AvAhayami – I invite the Gayatri into me (to develop the property of being neutral)

Savitrim AvAhayami – I invite the Savitri into me (to develop the property of self-propelling, self-drive, self-confidence)

Saraswathim AvAahayami – I Invite the Sarasvati into me (to develop the property of fast movement, changes, knowledge).


That is we invite that Gayatri, the photon to come into us and help us be neutral. We invoke the Savitr, to raise our self-confidence and drive ourselves. We invoke the Sarasvati (Saras – fast moving and hence knowledge is called sarasvati) to acquire the property of accommodating to fast movements and changes.

Gayatri Avahanam – The Tantra part

MahaNarayana Upanishad goes on to say ”yadahnåtkuríte papam tadahnåtpratémucyàte | yadrÀtriyåtkuríte papam tadrÀtriyåtpratémucyàte” which means that this alone (of being nuetral in our mind) can save us the sins that we do in the days and nights.


It is no wonder that we being nuetral in our thoughts, remain unbiased in our life, remain massless, chargeless and buoyant forever is the way to remain happy.


 That’s why people doing TSV understanding it remain blissful all their life without worries, as our thoughts influence our perceptions and state of mind. (Positive thinking, if u want to call it that way!!)


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