The Mantra Tantras of Sandhya Vandanam – Gayatri Nyasam, Japam, Upasthanam



The beauty of Vedas actually lie in the fact that they make us learn from science and nature. Our greatest guru lies there in front of our eyes and ears. Trees, plants, animals, fungi, birds, reptiles, human beings, bacteria, viruses, planktons, polymers, compounds, molecules, elements, atomic particles, sub-atomic particles, forces of nature such as electro-magnetism, gravity, strong force, weak force et all tell us their stories and help us evolve.

Learning from Nuclear fusion and Electro-magnetism


Let’s remember that these forces are our ancestors. They have gone through the struggles and evolved into beings of higher and higher intelligence and consciousness. Hence they have a huge store of learning for us, as we go through the path of evolution.


Vedas do this bridging between our ancestors and us and help us to learn to evolve further. TSV (Trikala Sandhya Vandanam) is a procedure in that direction, where we learn from subtlest element of Mother nature.


Look at it. Which is the point that firmly set the evolution..? Which is the trigger for evolution that enabled all of us and all that we see in this Universe..?


Science says in the dense ionized plasma, gravity and heat enabled the nuclei to overcome the Electro-magnetic force (repulsion of same charge between protons) and that triggered the nuclear fusion.


From this nuclear fusion originates elements, compounds, polymers that can carry consciousness, prokaryotes, eukaryotes and higher order biological beings. Simply put the Universe as we see it. Hence according to science this trigger is the Nuclear fusion.


This nuclear fusion is called Savitr in the Vedic literature. Savitr is the ‘Self-propulsion’ that is acquired to evolve further and further. How is this Self-propelling Savitr achieved..? It is achieved when the repelling Electro-magnetic force between the nucleiis overcome.


Science says Gravity and Heat enables the overcoming of this electro-magnetic force between the nuclei. Vedas say the ‘nuclei’ learns to overcome the electro-magnetic force from the very electro-magnetic force itself. The carrier of the Electro-magnetic force, the photon, is absolutely neutral in every way. It is neither charged nor has a mass nor a half-spin.


The nuclei overcomes the repulsive force of electro-magnetism by ‘learning’ to become neutral enabled by the Gravitational force and Heat, thus causing nuclear fusion and further evolution. It is the same as Science says, put in another way. The way it is put makes a huge difference and help us learn and evolve.


This holds a lesson for us. If we need to become Self-propelling and Self-driving with Self-confidence like the Savitr, we need to overcome the repulsive force (that pushes us away from this goal) by becoming Nuetral (not have any property) and we need to learn to be neutral, learn not to have any property, from the carrier of the Electro-magnetic force, the Gayatri.


Simply put, if one need to be self-driven, as the Savitr, then do not acquire any specific property. Learn to be neutral, as the Gayatri. As the photon that has no mass, have nothing as ‘yours’ including your ego, valuables, relationships etc. As the photon that has no charge do not get bonded to particular principles, ideologies, people, geographies etc.


Gayatri Nyasam – The Mantra Part


Recite the following Mantra


Savithrya rishi brahma(touch the forehead)

Nichrud gayathri chanda(touch below the nose)

savitha devatha( touch the middle of the chest)


The originator of Savitr is the ultimate Creator/evolution itself, the manifestation is through the ‘Infixed, inserted over Gayatri’ and destination is Savitr.


In the evolution of matter, Savitr is the nuclear fusion enabled by the creator/evolution itself (Gravity and Heat of Plasma), it is manifested through the ‘insertion of Gayatri, the photon’ and it reaches the nuclear fusion.


For us, the self-propulsion or self-drive is originated by the creator/evolution itself, it is manifested through the insertion of property of Gayatri (to be neutral with no properties) and destination is to self-propel or self-drive.


Nicrt Gayatri is also a type of meter that is like an ‘add-on’ on Gayatri Chanda.


Gayatri Japam – The Mantra Part


Close your eyes. Concentrate and Recite the following Mantra 108 times.


Om Bhu buva sva.

Tat savithur varenyam

bhargo devasya deemahi

Dhiyo yona prachodayath



Universe rises on its own

Due to that respected Savitr

I Invoke that divine radiance

Let it inspire/excite myself


Remember the ‘Universe’ referred to here is the visible Universe and does not include what Aitareya Upanishad calls as ‘beyond the Universe’, the Atman.


After we finish this meditation, we do a Pranayama again to tame down our body. Then we stand up and do the Gayatri Upasthanam.

Gayatri Nyasam and Japam – The Tantra Part


Gayatri Japam is all about thoughts influencing our consciousness and hence capabilities. In one dimension it could be similar to auto-suggestion or positive thinking. But it is not positive thinking in the sense that we ‘wishfully’ think something will happen.


It is about invoking that divine radiance in us and becoming capable of incessantly radiating what we have. Invoking that capability to radiate fearlessly is by overcoming the mental fears that we have.  Mental fears arise due to our attachment to something and the fear that if we radiate what we have, we will loose them.


Hence we perform the Gayatri Avahanam and Gayatri Nyasam before the Japam. We invoke that Gayatri and aspire to become neutral and not attached to anything in the Gayatri Avahanam.


In the Gayatri Nyasam, we tell ourselves, why we do the Gayatri Japam. We do it because we want to reach the destination of ‘Self-drive’ and ‘Self-propulsion’ called ‘Self-Confidence’.


Gayatri Upastahanam – The Mantra part


Recite the following Mantra


Utame shikare Jate bhumya Parvata Murdhani

Brahmane bhyobhya anujJata gaccha devi Yatha Sukham


Uttame –  From the best

Shikare –  best of the best

Jate – is born

Bhumya – From Earth

Parvata –  mountain

Murdhani – Peaks

Brahman – evolution

Brahmaebhyo – the one who evolves

Brahmanebhyobhya – to be the one who continuously evolves

anujJata- regenerate

gaccha – the family or progression or race

devi – of feminine force (the force that creates)

Yatha – as surely as , truly as (and truly)

Sukham – delighr


Best becomes best of the best. Earth peaks with mountain. To be the one wh o continuously evolves, let me regenerate the progression of  divine force that creates and delights.

Gayatri Upastahanam – The Tantra part

What are these divine forces..? Gayatri, the one who teaches us to be neutral to overcome the repulsive forces, Savitri, the one who teaches us to propel ourselves with self-confidence are the divine forces that we need to regenerate in us, to maintain the progression of evolution.


It is these forces that maintain the evolutionary progression. We need to learn from them, regenerate them in us to maintain this evolutionary progression into forms of higher intelligence.


We start the Gayatri Japam with Gayatri Avahanam where we seek to develop the property of being neutral. Then we do the Gayatri Nyasam and Japam where we seek to acquire the property of self-drive and self-confidence by being neutral in our thoughts. Then we do the Upasthanam where we seek to regenerate these forces in us and thus continue the progression of evolution.


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