The Mantra Tantras of Sandhya Vandanam – Harihara Vandanam


Anna Hazare, had talked about five important goals to be like ‘Anna’. They are ‘Shudh Vichaar’ (Clean thoughts), ‘Shudh Aachar’ (Clean deeds), ‘Nishkalank Jivan” (Impeccable Integrity), ‘Tyag’ (Sacrifice) and ‘Apmaan Sahane ki Sakthi’ (Power to withstand insults).

How do we get all these, become balanced, peaceful and happy in-spite of all opposition..?

The best way to get all these is simply to perform the TSV or Sandhya Vandanam procedure that makes us balanced, peaceful and feel happy at all times.

Harihara Vandanam – Mantra Part

Rthahum sathyam para brahma purusham Krishna pingalam,

Oordhwrethwam viroopaksham Viswa roopaya vai nama

Rtahum – The order or the laws

Satyam – are eternal

Param – everywhere (they apply)

The laws of the Universe are eternal everywhere

Brahma – created by

Purusam – I had mapped Purusha to dark matter

Created by the Purusha, the dark matter (Yama, the controller implements them)

Krishna – black or dark blue in color

Pingalam – Piggala is the passage through which energy is fed. Before birth Piggala is the Umbilical cord. After birth, it is called the Piggala Nadi. Since the umbilical cord is yellow in color, piggala is associated with Yellow color. In turn yellow color is associated with being auspicious.

Krishna Pingalam – dark blue or black passage of energy (as opposed to yellow ones of piggala Nadi, Umbilical cord etc)

Are the hidden passages of energy (from Purusha, which I map to dark matter)

Urdhva – Top, North

Retam –potent Sperm or potent seed

The potent sperm or seed from the top/North (indicates the direction of Atman)

Virupa – Monstruously, deformed beyond recognition, in many ways

Aksam – Energy that travels or radiates (for eg. Electro magnetic radiation)

Virupaksam – radiates in many ways

ViswaRupaya – all thru the universe

Vai Nama – Salutations that one

The eternal laws of the Universe present everywhere are created by Purusha (the dark matter) and are the hidden passages of energy (from Purusha).

The potent sperm (energy of Atman) from top/Atman travels/radiates in many ways all through the Universe. Salutations that manifestation. Salutations to that one which manifests all through the Universe.

Harihara Vandanam – Tantra Part

As we descend from the place of Atman, we encountered the Yama or the Controller (the set of radiations) and saluted Yama.

As we descend further we come to the edge of our Solar System and are about to enter the Solar System. Here we marvel at the Order in which the Universe evolves and how this order acts as the guiding force for evolution.

We salute the Purusha (the Dark Matter) that establishes the order in Universe which act as ‘passage of energy of Atman’ to enable evolution of matter and beings.

We realize that this order manifest in various ways all through the Universe and salute that universal manifestation of order.

That there is an Universal manifestation of Order gives us comfort to mind that we are part of an orderly evolution of beings and though the happenings in Universe seem chaotic, there is an Orderliness towards the final goal.

Purusha – The Dark Matter – Establishing Laws

Purusha, which I mapped to dark matter in all my blogs, is defined as having established the laws of the Universe everywhere. These laws act as the instrument of Purusha in influencing the matter and its evolution. These laws act as the ‘Passages of Energy’ of Atman.

It is through these laws that the Energy of Atman radiates in multiple ways and manifests all over the Universe.

Science says dark matter is monstrously hidden in background, manifests all through the Universe. But science does not say Dark matter influences matter or establishes the laws of the Universe.

The Significance of HariHara

In Puranas, Hari is used to indicate the Narayana or Vishnu, while Hara is used to indicate ‘Shiva’ or Rudra.

Hari is the Umbilical cord or the passage from Purusha (dark matter) to Prakrti (matter). In other words Hari is the manifestation of ‘Order of Universe’, which act as the passage of energy from Purusha to Prakrti.

Since the Umbilical Cord is in Yellow color, the color yellow is associated with Hari as well as Pingala. In general Pingala is the path through which the masculine energy flows and evolves its subject.

Hara is the potent sperm (energy) of Atman that penetrates matter from the Purusha (dark matter) and make matter (Prakrti) evolve. In other words it is the energy of Atman that manifests as the force of Purusha (dark matter) on matter and keeps up the evolution of matter.

Here we salute the HariHara.

In other words we salute the Order established by Purusha that acts as the path for Atman’s energy to flow and the energy of Atman that acts as the ‘sperm’ or ‘seed’ of Atman that grows in us and evolves us.

Thus HariHara is a combination of the Order of Universe that establishes the Universe and Energy of Atman that triggers the evolution.

Direction of HariHara – West

We say this prayer towards the west direction, which is the direction opposite that of Sun.

We perform this prayer as we are at the gates of our Solar System, descending from Atman. If we move towards Sun, it is the East and Opposite to it is the West, which is the direction of Atman.

The dark matter originates along with matter according to Aitareya Upanishad, from the Atman. Hence we say this prayer towards the west.

After this we turn towards Sun and perform the Surya Narayana Vandanam.


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