The Mantra Tantras of Sandhya Vandanam – Surya Upasthanam


In the TSV procedure, four ‘devi’s are addressed. I had already explained that Devas are forces that express outside and asuras are forces that are hidden. Devi is used to represent those forces that are expressed outside and carry the creation process in them very much like a mother.


The four Devis are Gayatri, Savitri, Sandhyai and Saraswati.


Gayatri is the carrier of EM force, the photon and we learn to be neutral with no property at all from Gayatri. Gayatri is the force that fills the Universe and creates every life in the Univere.


Savitri is the ‘Self-propelling’ or ‘Self-driving’ force which is the nuclear fusion that occurs when the repulsive force are overcome. Savitr manifests as self-drive and self-confidence in us.


Sandhyai is the force that triggers Changes. Sandhya is the ‘junction’ of Change.


Saraswati is the force that enables continuous, fast movement. Knowledge is named after Sarasvati as it changes fast and continuous. Rivers are named after Sarasvati when the flow continuously or change track often.

These four Devis are the enablers of evolution of consciousness and intelligence in our Universe.


Surya Upastanam – The Mantra Part


Yaso aham bhavami brahmananaam  yaso ragnam  yaso visaam

Yasa sathyasya bhavami

Bhavami yasasaam yasa

Adithya naava maroksham poornamparipadinim

Achithram bharayishnaveem satharithraam  swasthye



Yaso – Striving after

Aham – mine (myself)

Bhavami – I become

Brahamananaam – creator indeed

Yaso – striving after/exerting after

Ragnam – my doubts/ my suspicions

Yaso – striving after /exerting after

Visaam – my poisons/ banes  

Yasa – striver

Sathyasya – of the truth

Bhavami – I become

Bhavami – I become

Yasasaam – striver of the

Yasa – striver


Striving after myself Let me become (part of) creator indeed, striving after my doubts and banes, Let me become the striver of truth, Let me become the striver of the striver.


Aditya – The originating source

Naava –  triumps over, boat/ship

Mara – Killing

ukSam –  large (in a large/massive way)

poornam – fully, completely

Paripadinim – traps, snares, obstacles

Achitram  – decorated

Bhara – carrying, bearing

Izanavim – commanind property

Sat- being, existence, possessed of

Aritraam – driving

Swasthye –  well being


That originating source triumphs over, slaying largely and completely the obstacles and is decorated with carrying of the property to command/lead, becomes the driver of well-being


In the morning we recite the following mantra


om nama adithyaya

Udyantham  dwa aadithyanu deeyasam


Aum – model of  universe, universal

Nama – salutations

Adityaya Udyantham – to the property of ‘rising’ of Aditya

Udyantham – the property of rising

tva – you

Aditya – Aditya

anuDiyasAm – let me attend to it; let me reflect on


Universal salutations to that ‘rising up property’ of Aditya, Let me reflect/think on you Aditya.


We reflect on that Aditya (I had mapped it to gas-clouds that gives rise to Star Galaxy etc or it could be the Sun that gives rise to all of us), its rising up property with which it triumphs over large obstacles and acquires the property to lead and becomes the driver of our well-being.


We learn from the Aditya that unless we rise up and face our obstacles and triumph over them, we cannot lead or become the driver of our well-being.

In the evening we recite the following mantra


Aum nama adithyaya , nama adhithyaya , nama adithyaya

prati tiShThantam tvAditya anupratitiShThAsam


Aum nama adithyaya – Universal Salutations to the Aditya’s property (essence)

Nama Adityaya, nama Adityaya – Salutations to that essence of aditya

Prathi – in every

Thistantham – being (which firmly exists)

Tva- you

Aditya –  Aditya

Anu prathi – in each and every

Thistassam – (being) you live


Universal salutations to the the essence of Aditya in every being.Salutations to you Aditya residing in every being


In the night as we go to bed, we realize that this Aditya is in every being. It in us. We evolved from some source. We are the source of something else. This essence of Aditya lives in each of us.


What does Surya Upasthanam teach us..?

In Surya Upasthanam we tell ourselves that we can become the creator if we strive and strive, strive over our doubts, suspicions, curses, if we strive towards the truth and become the continuous striving one.


We tell ourselves that Aditya overcomes a lot of obstacles to acquire the commanding property, driving the well-being of us.


In the morning we reflect on that ‘rising’ property of our Aditya (The Sun) which overcomes all obstacles and acquires the property to lead for the well-being of us and others. We derive inspiration from that Aditya, as we look at the Sun as Sun is our Aditya in the Solar system.


In the night, as we go to sleep, we inspire ourselves with the thought that Aditya is in us. Hence we can also overcome the obstacles, acquire the property to command and lead, become the driver of well-being of others.  We go to sleep with this thought peacefully.


Thus we have become the Aditya for something else, by continuously striving over doubts, curses, striving towards truth, overcoming the obstacles, acquire the property to lead, become the driver of well-being of others, as we progress the evolution. In this way Aditya is indeed in every being.

Ready to Enter the abode of Atman

With Surya Upasthanam, actually we are at the door-steps of  the abode of Atman.  Let’s summarize what all we did  after Pranava Japam


1.      We invoked the Gayatri and grant us the ability to remain neutral in our thoughts

2.      We sought the property of being Self-driven as Savitr by being neutral in our thoughts

3.      We meditated invoking ourselves with the thought of being self-driven

4.      To be part of the one who continuously evolves, as evolution is all about best becoming best of best, we regenerated the forces of Gayatri (Nuetral in our thoughts), Savitri (Self-Drive), Sandhyai (ability to change), Saraswati (Continuous movement/improvement, knowledge) in us

5.      In the morning, we reflected on the Aditya who overcomes all obstacles and acquires the property to lead thereby providing well-being to us. Our Aditya is the Sun.

6.      In the night, we tell ourselves that Aditya is in each and every being, as we need to overcome the obstacle, acquire the property to lead and become provider of well-being.

7.      Thus we have merged ourselves with the flow of Brahman, the evolution. We h ave acquired the properties with which we can truly merge ourselves with the evolutionary flow and also become best of the best.

8.      Thus we are ready to enter the Abode of Atman, as we acquire some properties of the Atman, in the sense becoming ‘friends’ with Atman!!!



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