The Mantra-Tantras of SandhyaVandanam – Finishing the Bath

The Mantra-Tantras of SandhyaVandanam – Finishing the Bath


TSV is actually very simple to do, if we understand it. Since we did not understand, it becomes mystical and then complex.


All genders can do TSV without any inhibitions. It can be started right in the Bathroom and when we come out of the bathroom we have already invoked that Savitr and feel capable of furthering the evolutionary process.


The Pranayamas have tamed down the body, Achamanams have brought in focus and we are ready to ascend steeply with more vigorous Pranayama and Gayatri Japa.

Argya Pradhanam – The Mantra part

Join both hands together and take hand full of water taking care not to join both thumbs with other fingers (facing east during Pratha Sandhya, facing north during Madyannikam, and facing west during Sayam Sandhya) repeat the following manthra and pour it, thrice during pratha sandhya, twice during Madhyannikam and twice during Sayam sandhya: –


Om Bhu buva sva.

Tat savithur varenyam

bhargo devasya deemahi

Dhiyo yona prachodayath



Universe rises on its own

Due to that respected Savitr

I Invoke that divine radiance

Let it inspire/excite myself

Argya Pradhanam – Savitr – Invoke that Savitr – The Tantra part

‘Argyam’ is giving water to the guest who arrives at our house with all reverence and respect. We give Argyam to Savitr in this procedure, inviting it in to our mind and ignite us.


As we pour water to the Savitr, we call upon that respected Savtir to come into us and ignite us and provide that divine radiance, as it did to the Universe.


I had mapped ‘Savitr’  to nuclear fusion in cosmic terms that originates matter creation in my blogs on Aditya Hrdayam . Savitr makes the Aditya to ignite and turn into our Sun (Surya).   


Here we invite that Savitr as a guest to come into us and ignite us thereby make ourselves radiating.

Prayaschitha Argyam  – The Mantra part

Do Pranayama.


Take small quantity of water in the right hand and rotate it above ones own head saying (this is called Athma parishechanam)


Morning (pratha sandhya)

Om yadathya  gacha vruthrahan. Udayaa abhisoorya  sarvaan dathindra they vache.


OM – Universe

Yad atya – that running/swift one

Gacha – goes

Vrtrahan – victorious

Udayaa – rises (giving rise to)

Abhi Soorya – fearless sun

Sarvaan dhatindra – all the peak of disbelief

Te vache – they express


Oh, Universe’s swift one (the Savitr that we just invited into us) giving rise to the fearless sun, go victorious over all dis-beliefs that comes up.


Evening (sayam sandhya)

Om na thasya  maya yachana Ripureeseetha marthya  yo agnaye  dathacha havyadathay


OM – Universe

Na thasya – not that (not it)

Mayaya –  my, mine, ego

Cana –  guide, soliciting, requesting, askinn, not even

Ripureeseetha  – leave behind the enemies, free from enemies

Marthya – mortal

Yo – Hey, that

Agnaye – fire

Datacha – purified, cleansing, given, cut-off

Havya – oblation, sacrifice

adhataye – not given, to be given


Not just my ego, but all the false-pleasures of mortals, Oh fire (Savitr that we just invited into us), clean them off as given in an oblation.

Prayaschitha Argyam  – The Tantra part

After we invited the Savitr into us, we do a Pranayama to tame our body down and assimilate that Savitr in us.


In the morning, after the pranayama, we think/wish that the Savitr that comes into us to go victorious over all the dis-beliefs (doubts) in us. In other words we want that Savitr to manifest as ‘Self-Confidence’ in us that overcomes all our self-doubts.


In the night, after the pranayama we think/wish that the Savitr that comes into us to wipe out all the egos and false-pleasures. In other words we want that Savitr to manifest as ‘ego-suppressor’ in us that provides us with a balance.


Mentally Savitr is equivalent to the ‘Self-Confidence’ that arises in our mind, deep from consciousness to handle the challenges of evolution and daily life. It is this confidence that enables our actions. Thus when we invoke ‘Savitr’ we are invoking the ‘Self-Confidence’ is us, deep from our consciousness.


Biologically Savitr is equivalent to ‘synthesis’ of elements that leads to life creating compounds on which rides the consciousness. The biological evolution traces similar steps to that of matter evolution, when ‘strings’ of RNA (oligomerization) are formed. 

AIkya-anusandhanam – The Mantra part

With both hands touch the middle of the chest . close the eyes , meditate and chant

Asaavadhityo  brahma. Brahamaivahamasmi


The spirit of the Aditya is ‘Creation’. That ‘Creation’ is in me.

AIkya-anusandhanam – The Tantra part

‘Savitr’ is the spirit of the ‘Aditya’. The ‘Savitr’ leads to creation of elements (devas).  That creation is us and inside us (because we invited it, did Pranayama to assimilate it, wished that it manifests itself as our Self-Confidence of our consciousness).


Now that the Savitr is in us, we meditate that we have become part of the ‘Creation’ or ‘Evolutionary Process”.  This means we are now capable of taking part in furthering the evolution of matter and consciousness.

The most critical thing here is “The Savitr, the self-propelling one, which I mapped to nuclear fusion chemically (that rose self-propelled due to the heat) manifests in us as our self-confidence in our mind and self-propels us. If we are self-propelling to overcome our doubts, we become part of the creation and evolution. We do not bother about the things that happen to us as we know it is part of the continuum.”

Hence it is most important that we meditate on these aspects during Aikya-anusandanam.
Then do Achamanam and Anga-Vandanam to symbolize that our bathing process is over


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