The Mantra-Tantras of TSV – Breath Control – Pranayama

The Mantra-Tantras of TSV – Breath Control – Pranayama


Even people who do TSV regularly do not do it sincerely. For eg., angavandanam is a much abused procedure, where people mechanically mumble something and move their hands across helter-skelter.


Similarly in pranayama, slow inhaling and exhaling synchronized with mental recitation is the key. Also touching of ears, in my view, is very important to stabilize breathe synchronizing with OM recitation and has to be done three times sincerely.


But these procedures are performed in a half-aborted way to save time and to complete the procedure fast.

Pranayama – Synchronize mind and breathing

After the Ganapati Dyanam, we do a Pranayama to tame down the body.  In TSV, Pranayama is done with a ‘recitation’ of a mantra and this mental recitation is synchronized with Breathing.


Compared to Pranayama that is taught as breathing control, here we concentrate, recite in our mind and do a breathe control in synchronization with that recitation. This is the Key.


We close the right nose with our thumb. The speed of if the inhaling and speed of mental recitation should be such that when we recite ‘prachodayat’ in our mind, our lungs are full, abdomen fully expanded. This needs to be practiced and achieved.

Inhaling Procedure

Om Bhuh, Om bhuva, Om Suva, Om Maha, Om Jana, Om Tapa Ohum Satyam –


OM Bhuh – Universe’s Earth

OM Bhuava – Universe’s Galaxy

OM Suva – Universe’s across the universal space

OM Maha – Universe’s Stars, Clusters

OM Jana – Universe’s elements and particles

OM Tapa – Universe’s heat and energy

Ohum Satyam  – Universe’s Core or Atma

OM Tat savitr varenyam Bhargo devasya deemahi dhiyo yona prachodayat 


The meaning of the above is

Universe’s respected Savitr, that spans across all the seven worlds, that divine illuminance, let me invoke it in myself.


As we recite the above mantra in our mind, we inhale the breadth through our left nose, slowly, till the time we finish the recitation.


That synchronization needs to be practiced. We need to recite the above mantra in our mind as ‘Om Bhuh’ , ‘Om Bhuva’ separately. Similarly when it comes to “OM Tat Savitr Varenyam”, we need to recite it as ‘OM” , ‘Tat Savitr Varenyam” , “Bhargo Devasaya Deemahi”, “Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat”.


This inhaling need to be slow and steady. The idea here is not to do any ‘fast breathing’ or ‘Very deep breathing’.


Here it is slow breathing, till the time the mantra recitation is completed. One can easily notice that when inhaling is done slowly to finish the recitation, their abdomen naturally expands.

Exhaling Procedure

At this point, we hold the breadth by closing the left nose with little and ring fingers just a second. Then we start releasing the breadth through the right nose, reciting the following mantra.


OM Apa – Universes’ Base medium of life (say Phospolids that form cell membrane)

Jyoti rasa – property of flaming (flames carry energy across)

Amrtam – food that leaves no residue (food that is 100% digested without wastage), such a food will make one immortal


OM Apa Jyoti rasa Amrtam – Universe’s base medium of life has the flaming property of amrtam (Apa has ‘caught’ the flame of ‘amrtam’, which is it is digested without residue)


Brahma – the life-creator

Bhur – Earth

Bhuva – Galaxy

Svar – Space

OM – Universe

Brahma Bhur, Bhuva, Svar OM – Life-creator of Earth and Galaxies across Universal space.


Universe’s Apa, the medium that sustains life, that can flame, that can be digested without residue is the life-creator in Earth and Galaxies across Universal space.


Recite the above mantra as “OM”  “Apa”  “Jyoti rasa”  “amrtam”  “Brahma” “Bhur Bhuva Svar” “OM”.


Till the time the final OM is recited, exhale slowly the breadth that is held up. NO stress is required to inhale and exhale.


In general the technique is to breathe in slowly and exhale slowly (prolong it) without getting into difficulties.

Stabilizing the Normal Breath

After the inhaling and exhaling, come to normal breathing pattern.


OM- Touch the right ear with right hand

OM- Touch the right ear with right hand again

OM- Touch the right ear with right hand again


As OM is recited each time, touch the right ear once and breathe normally. Repeat this normal breathing three times, synchronizing OM recitation and touching of ears.

Pranayama Procedure – The Mantra part

Our creation involves matter and biological creation.


Savitr is the one that excites the matter creation. I had mapped it on nuclear fusion in my blogs on ‘Aditya-Hrdayam’.


As we inhale, we meditate on the Savitr and invoke it in us. Savitr manifests itself as ‘Self-confidence’ in our consciousness. This is explained in the section on Prayachitya Argyam.


We meditate on Savitr while inhaling as we intake the Savitr in the form of Self-Confidence.


I had mapped ‘Apa’ to a ‘base medium of life’ (nitrogenous bases that carry genetic information) in my blogs on ‘Ashta Vasus – Biological Basics’. This mantra says that Apa has the property of flaming and source of life creation in the Universe. Science says nitrogenous bases ‘flame across’ the helical structures of DNA strands and make life perpetually propagating in various forms.


The flaming property of the APA and its perpetual creation of life manifest in our consciousness as ‘False-ego’ that we can achieve immortality.  This is explained in the section on Prayachitya Argyam. 


We meditate on Apa while exhaling as we need to expel this false-ego from our consciousness.

Pranayama Procedure – The Tantra part

The controlled and slow inhaling from right nose, controlled and slow exhaling from left nose, all the time synchronizing this breathing pattern with the thinking part of brain, by reciting the mantra provides a good co-ordination exercise to brain.


If practiced exactly as above, one can immediately feel very calm and relaxed in both body and mind.


When we get into stressful situations our mind heaves a sigh. This happens naturally. This pranayama is similar to it (but not same).


Science has proven that slow breathing and prolonged exhalation reduces blood pressure, which is what our pranayama is all about.


Under stress or one has high blood pressure, practicing this pranayama would be ‘soothing’ to both body and mind. Try it out exactly without stressing yourself, focusing on slow inhale/exhale and synchronization. You can find the difference.


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