The Musical Way-An Almost Micro Story


 This format limits the story to 250 words. I  pruned it down to 206  words [ including the title].

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The Musical Way


Our hero is a regular guy [so it seemed] with an irregular goal in life.



He wanted to talk to God.



He read books, talked to people and made lifestyle changes to attain this goal.



He couldn’t understand how a small spark [he didn’t know who put it there] became a blazing inferno within no time.



He considered nAdhOpAsanA [worship by music] but gave up as he knew it would take many lifetimes.



Evenings made him sad and birthdays, sadder.



One day, he thought of an idea, an idea babies and belligerent kids would have approved of.



He bought a violin, as it could inflict maximum damage while in untrained hands.



He found a quiet place [to avoid angry humans] and played on.



As the strain[s] of his music mixed with the longing of his simple heart, God appeared before him.



When loved ones meet after a long time, no words are needed.



Some tears later, our hero said something in all seriousness and God laughed.



God leaves funny love notes everywhere but few people notice them.


Still fewer people  make him laugh.



But in this case, God laughed and the violinist laughed too.



It shouldn’t be hard for you to guess why.



 Inspired by a fellow Medhavi’s comment in Sulekha blogs long ago.

At this link,


I was musing what would happen to people who cant reach God by nAdOpAsanA . Readers can check the link above for a gem of a comment.

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