The Power of Chi Gong and it’s demonstration

The beauty of Social Networking (such as our own TMJ) is that people from all walks of life get together and create something that is dynamic, beautiful, enchanting and awe-inspiring.

 I have written about the nature of Chi Gung, Tai Chi, Taoist meditation and briefly mentioned John Chang (a Javanese master of Tao Gong — he calls it Moo Pai Chuan) in my article Nasadiya (where I talk about the Creation Myth of the Taoist tradition and show that our own Rg Vedic Nasadiya sukta also talks about the exact same thing).

Youtube, a fantastic resource has come good again for us. I had posted this video on the Medha Forums (Share This section) but it seems as if some folks cannot see the video embedded.

 I hope this will fix that shortcoming and we can all see a true master of Tai Chi in action (and hope Master Chang doesn't take offense to our revelling in his obvious mastery).


[video: 500×500]

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