The sacred Fire of Zarathustra



One day I saw a shining tower
In my inner space
In that tower was a blazing fire
There I saw Zarathustra’s face.
He asked me to step right in
And I did, without a second thought.
Everything then turned to gold
The universe, I found was in me,
and from me, nothing was apart!
We did a stylish dervish there,
which Zarathustra led.
The blazing fire was blissfully cool
And gentle showers of light it made…
We twisted and turned,
in a mystical pirouette…
And just as I shook my head.
the world disappeared in a flash,
a golden background simply remained.
In that moment, all other moments lived.
Nothing else remained.
Zarathustra gave me his sacred fire.
Now I’m giving it to you, my friends…


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5 Replies to “The sacred Fire of Zarathustra”

  1. Hmm.. Is it about energy (Shiva) in the electromagnetic field (one of the eleven Rudras) that makes the photons..?

    So whatever is described as ‘I’, it became one with the energy (Shiva) of the electromagnetic field, as that ‘I’ danced along with Shiva..? After all the Universe is Shiva (Energy’s) dance or twists/turns..?


    1. Shiva is consciousness and his energy shakti is the creative potential of consciousness. I personally don’t see a need to delve any further than that. Anything we do to try and describe consciousness (Shiva/Brahman) is taking you further from it. This is to be known directly, as opposed to with the intellect.

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