The Windmill (Junior ID-11)

The Windmill

Participant ID – 11
Medhajunior, Grade, 3rd, USA

            My idea is that to make Fremont to put more windmills on more hills to make more electricity.  We will put them on biggest hill in Fremont.  We will at least have 20 little and 15 big windmills.  This is my idea how to make Fremont a sustainable community.

            The way I will do this is that I will save enough money to pay for it all.  I will put a few lemonade stands to keep the money coming and going. Once we have the land, we will take down the stands and do more chores at home to get bigger allowance and money to buy the little windmills.  Then we will use the leftovers and buy the big windmills.  This is how my idea will happen. 

            I hope this turn out to be a success. This will make people not to rely on the regular power plant but on winder power.

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