They want to find out why

Roger Trigg, acting Director of the Ian Ramsey Centre for Science at the University of Oxford, is understandably very happy. The centre has  been recently awarded a grant for a three year programme to determine why mankind embraces God. The programme is expected to spend nearly two million pounds while involving anthropologists, theologians, philosophers and academics in associated studies

, research and debate. While one basic aim would seem to be to find out whether belief in a divine being is a part of mankind’s makeup, Trigg is quoted by ‘The Hindu’ today as having admitted that ‘there are a lot of issues’.


A conference in July announced elsewhere,

could be for starters.

I vaguely recall reading a blog on a related issue where the blogger insists we are ‘hardwired’ to believe. Fortunately, the blogger in question has control over the circuitry; otherwise , he would be believing too, like a number of us.

Wonder whether anything even vaguely non-Abrahamic will manage to sneak into the Oxford programme or the conference? 

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