This extra-ordinary life

mogambo has many friends who like to living the life of luxury and wealth with their multiple cars and bikes and many with multiple houses that they may or may not call "home".

 mogambo has been one of these people too. These people go through the motions of their lives like robots in an assembly line in some manufacturing company.

Wake up, brush, bathe and do toilette, eat, drink coffee or tea or orange juice and then go to work

Work for four hours and then eat lunch

Work another four hours

Go home, cook sometimes and eat, watch tv, take care of kids or dog or someone or no one, sleep

Weekends same routine but add some outing or going to some restaurant to eat out and no work, at least office work but do home work (cleaning, cooking, laundry)

This is all they know, this is all they have ever known. These robots in the assembly line called life. Same drills, every day, every week, every month, every year. Been doing this since they were born and big enough to get stuck in the assembly line and will continue doing various combinations of the activities mentioned earlier till the day they die

One day, as mogambo did, may be a few of these robots will wake up and look around and play back the activities of the day or the week or the month :

Where did those days go?!? Where did those weeks? Those months? Years?!!?

Will this great realisation be too late? Has precious time been wasted?

Who can tell? Surely not mogambo!

 What is the purpose of it all? Are these people (and mogambo) caught up in the web of this assembly line spider? A giant web of patterns and habits? Of the fake security from the fear of chaos? Or are these people just too stupid to realise what is happening to them?

Or are they actually dreaming everything like in the movie the Matrix?

How to break this pattern? Will breaking this pattern lead to getting caught in another?

Is chaos really that scary? 

Who can tell? Surely not mogambo!

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