This is what happened, Ishan.

This is what happened, Ishan.

 Partha Desikan


 This is what prompted the cow, Ishan.


MsoNormal”> It was another peaceful morning at Ivan the fiddler’s. Ivan was living all by himself, if you did not count his curious cat and the dog that always stayed outdoors in the garden in his own doghouse, and never liked to get into the house. A house with a cat in it? No!!


Ivan had practised for the evening and set the violin aside. The western window was open and the crescent moon was shining on the cloudless sky He was feeling unusually hungry. So instead of placing the violin in its velvet-lined box ceremoniously as was his habit, Ivan set table for an early supper and went into the kitchen to find out what he could ruffle up in a hurry.

Tom the curious found the violin free and available and jumped at it to find out what he could do with it. He plucked at the strings randomly, and the shriek from the poor fiddle upset the cow that was quietly walking along outside. She wanted to get out of the shriek zone as fast as she could. Ivan, returning from the kitchen with a ladle in his hand saw her jump and felt she cleared the moon with a few feet to spare. While Ivan set about separating his fiddle and his pet, the dog in the garden was rolling in mirth at all the happenings. He forgot his basic peeve and jumped in through the window to see all the fun himself. He managed to jump right on top of the table set for supper. Ivan watched a plate disappearing through the door to the bedroom, and a spoon flying right behind it.

Of course this cow was not too fat to jump, Ishan. She might not have needed your machine to trim her down.

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