Thought as therapy

We know that humanity evolved from primordial apes without the aid of human knowledge as we know it. Whatever had guided it that far, continued to manage it till it evolved to the extent of beginning to know, to observe, to think, to correlate, to act according to knowledge gained and so on, in steps. Generations were born, lived and died, meanwhile reproducing effectively to continue the human



Part of human knowledge, gained in recent times, say a few thousand years, has been in healing. This was necessitated by newly learnt propensities to sicknesses of various kinds and the ability to recognize them. More and more advances of all kinds increased the capacity of man to get more and more diseases, to diagnose and recognize them, to research and find fanciful cures and in fact to make medical treatment a very important component of living. Medicines were regularly invented and improved, as well as diagnostic and surgical techniques. Cycles of trial, error and correction have characterized these efforts all through.

Simultaneously, some wise minds continued to align themselves with nature and refused to budge from their conviction that the human body too was a component of nature and would flourish best when it is distanced least from such alignment. Long hours in the laps of Nature appealed to them. Simple foods not requiring too much modification caught their attention. Simple lifestyles with fresh air, clean water, simple food taken moderately, lots of work and exercise and simple thoughts with socially acceptable norms caught their fancy. Not disturbing the environment engaged their minds. Through the ages, such wise men have been in a minority, in a manner of speaking. But they were always noticed, while often ignored and in general not followed. In terms of disease management, they often suggested minimal interference, adequate rest and near normal maintenance of routine, while simplifying food intake still further. In terms of actual medicine, they would give as little as possible, often only to catalyse the patient’s body to create its own medicine. They would encourage the patient to think the disease out and follow some simple exercise routines. They would remind the patient about the nature of the infinite power that has sustained humanity throughout and help him to pray to that power for support.

A lot of modern medical thinking has started realigning itself with the sensible thoughts of these wise men. Perhaps somewhat late in the day, but never too late.

The human body can heal itself in most circumstances. The human mind has just to help it along.

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