time and space

bee nectar




the taste is bitter


a tangy sweet


give me tonic


a tactile sip


sometimes i tremble


a cosmic void is all i see


i sweat like a pine tree


oozing sap all night


one subtle spring morning


the pollen made me sneeze


life is like a bee sting


a sweat bee on a flower





hey little krishna




hey little krishna where have you gone


hey little krishna take me along





krishna personified




his subtle form



what is krishna like?



i saw a childlike form of krishna one time



cartoonlike the same as a painting in the form of a messenger



he was climbing all over me



personified almost like a little wise guy





stay high forever



Srila Prabhupada once asked his storefront audience if the effect of LSD produces higher consciousness?  “Then just imagine a roomful of LSD.  Krishna consciousness is like that.”


People would regularly come in and ask Swamiji’s disciples, “Do you get high from this?”  And devotees would answer, “Oh, yes. You can get high just by chanting.  Why don’t you try it?”


Satsvarupa dasa Goswami

Srila Prabhupada-lilamrta Volume 2

Planting The Seed

New York City 1965-1966





words in his sleep




hide under that pile of cow shit like a fuckin mushroom


and when ya pop up say pick me









last spring i went for a walk in abacoa out past the baseball stadium’ i saw a girl with a wolf’ i said hi….! after i walked past the wolf ended up wandering over’ the girl said come back….!


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