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someone asked me what happens to a drop of water when it hits the ocean?

i said it becomes a part of the ocean

he said right…the same as we become one with the absoloute

i said that is the same as us becoming one with krishna right?

again he said right answer…

…we talked about a plant

the plant needs water it needs nutrients it needs to be nurtured to grow

i asked something along the lines of what if i am into krishna conscious thomas well as the far east be it taoism or buddhism? does that make me more confusing to understand?

his answer was that i will have to make a choice..the choice is to go in a certain direction then to keep on the same path…

he said to figure out what it is that i want or am after then go after it…

he said god is one thing be it allah or krishna or the tao or whatever we call it..god is the same

…i was advised to make a note of our talk someone else told me if we make a mistake it is a mistake if we learn from it..if it is something we didnt learn from it isnt a mistake since we havnt realized we had something to correct..


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