Trying to objectify Reality – Is it Spirituality?

That our normal “reality” is formed by objects is an understatement. However, at a spiritual level, we claim our focus is turned inward (albeit I’m not referring to those who seek God outside in the heavens somewhere). 
What is this turning inward all about? We get internal objects to focus on – internal organs, internal subtle feels, eventually  this chakra, that dan tien, this Nadi, that Meridian.  However, these are all still objects.
As our practice matures, we then focus on sensing energies and flow. We follow that flow. That IS progress imho, but that doesn’t take us any closer to Reality. 
By Reality I mean Self-knowledge. To completely and unequivocally KNOW that which is existence itself. 
We might focus on emotions and feelings…but these too are mental objects – thought-based. 
A practice where one works towards “inside” really entails dropping all these descriptions and resting in Pure Awareness…and Awareness of being Aware. Just Be.
If we are not working towards that, we still don’t “get it”… but even that is not in our control. Because there IS no Do-er (in the local-mind/body sense).
Adding some more to that –
The entire purpose of these “internal” practices is to take the mind away from the external objects to subtle objects. From subtle objects further to progressively subtler objects until we get to the core of it all — The Pure Awareness/Consciousness that everything springs forth from. 
Before we get to that, we have to stay in the witness mode. That all objective phenomena (chakras, dan tiens, nadis, meridians, energies, feelings, etc) are all appearing and disappearing to the Consciousness that is witnessing all that. There is initially a separation between witness and phenomena, but that is only to point to who “All this” is happening to.  Eventually the sense of separation will disappear and there will only be rising and falling of phenomena.

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