Vigneswara – The disruptor

Something new is said to be born

When existing symmetry is broken or torn

Small perturbations break the symmetries

Create Universe’s evolutionary opportunities


Vigna means perturbation; Cause of disruption

Vigneswara disrupts; Leads us to innovation

Innovation is the real work in everything we do

Invoke Vigneswara to bring that in you


To hail something as new day, month or year

Let’s resolve to bring some disruption here

Learn, Listen, Challenge and Collaborate

Let’s disrupt the way we operate


When multiple brains work together

Ideas oppose and collide with each other

From this perturbation of human minds

Arises disruptive, great, new finds..


Evolution is a series of discontinuities

Not a linear growth of our faculties

Disruption is the name of this game

Vigneswara tells us the same


We need to do more and that’s not enough

Future is interesting for sure, but rough

World around us changing faster than ever

We drive the change or remain the rudder…


Happy new year..


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