visvatma Dharma


Learning to be pure finding santosa or contentment or svadhyaya, the reading of the scriptures are all aspects of entering the dhaama or sheltered asrama for arjava, upright meditation on the absolute.  Teaching is the main focus of a BRAHMIN once the aspects of jnana are in his sight. 



dhrti patience, ksama forgiveness, dama self-control, ateya non-stealing, sauca cleanliness, indriyanigraha control of the senses, dhi intellect or wisdom, vidya learning, satya truthfulness, akrodha absence of anger

finding restraint or the avoidance of

sucana insinuation, harsa anger or exultation, rosa grumbling, dambha covetousness or delusion, droha malice, kama untruth, anatmyam neglect to keep the senses in order, ayogah neglect to concentrate the mind


bhutahitatva, seeking the good of creatures

the tortoise, the blackbirds, or the whales

visista devata bhakti working for prasad offered to the dieties

Of the qualities of a KSATRIYA

isvarabhava leadership or standing ones ground in battle is foremost,

also note saurya heroism, teja vigour, dhrti steadiness, dhaksya being resourceful

The ksatriya is a sheild of the spirit…

The ultimate goal being peace…

The path to attain VISVATMA or the cosmic soul…

Tending to crops or working as a merchant being the main focus of the
VAISYA…  The SUDRA is asked to work for the pinnacle three…

As I wrote notes on a legal pad.  I found someone chanting next to the tulasi garden to guide me.

Even as I strive to fit the mold I find someone else will somewhere along the lines to hit me with a hammer, and chisel.  Someone else is the scultpter.  I notice even if I think I measure up to all of the aspects of character I strive to achieve I see that I will fail alone. 

SADHANA is something I am working at improving on.  Noticing the flowers buding in a tree above the tulasi garden someone pointed out that one of the trees is the same strain of tree the BUDDHA once meditated next to.  To escape our mind we draw on our ki or lifeforce to maintain our prana or find light in the spadelike leaves of the boddhi tree.  The mind is a treasure chest.  The nerve endings grow like trees even sprouting leaves or flowers…



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