Vivekananda’s 150 year Legacy, and where are the Hindus?


One of the worlds most towering spiritual figures for the past few centuries celebrates his 150th anniversary this year. Swami Vivekananda needs no introduction to most readers. One of the key events in celebration is of course an event organized at Chicago, where his “Chicago Address” was given in the 1892 “Parliament Of World Religions” and was like the first few notes of a uniquely powerful clarion call over many centuries from the land of Dharma to the West, bring forth it’s Sanatana Dharmic message.

Unfortunately, ideologically motivated groups who have only their divisive agendas front & center have attempted to hijack the grandeur of this celebration. A smear campaign was orchestrated, aimed at scaring the current successor body “Council for The World Parliament Of Religions” into withdrawing from this event by unilaterally caving in to the overblown rhetoric put out by anti India groups such as the grandiose sounding “Coalition Against Genocide” and other fellow travelers. Without regard to due process, the CPWR have “informed” via press releases of their intent to withdraw from being a co-sponsor of the event, leaving the organizers VHPA in a very awkward position, which is highly undeserved, to say the least. Not to mention the fact that this shows in extremely poor light the esteem that Hindus, via their representatives & leaders, enjoy with these bodies.

Under these circumstances, members of the Hindu diaspora have framed the letter below that clearly lays out their position on this issue, and are expecting that the Hindu representatives (Anju Bhargava and Anantanand Rambachan) at the CPWR table to take appropriate action by considering and releasing this letter to the CPWR body, so that they fulfill their function of adequately representing the interests of Hindus.

Also, one should never take the fact lightly, that Swami Vivekananda was an avowed Hindu, very proud and capable of standing up for Dharma, and would certainly approve of this move to right wrongs.

The Letter…

Letter to CPWR from Hindu Representatives:

  1. We as practicing Hindus, and as individuals representing the interests of Hinduism in CWPR, are very upset at the decision that was made to boycott Swami Vivekananda’s anniversary celebrations, and we would like that decision reversed immediately.
  2. We are troubled that we were never consulted or involved in such a major decision being made, which makes our Hindu community doubt whether we speak for them in this forum at all. It would be unimaginable, hypothetically, for you to make a similar decision against Islam without even bothering to tell in advance and consult the Muslim representatives in your organization. As persons with integrity we do not wish to be seen as mere rubber stamps sitting here with no voice at all in matters concerning Hinduism.
  3. It is clear that the process leading to your decision was opaque rather than transparent. Individuals with personal agendas and political pressure acted secretly rather than through a process carried out in an above board manner. This organization claims to represent faith and ethics, which in dharma means righteousness. CPWR should not become hijacked by expansionist religious interests that have worked in the past and continue to work today to undermine Hinduism in many ways. We are asking you in this open letter to hold an inquiry and disclose who were the individuals who acted in various ways to culminate in your decision. This should not be shrouded in secrecy. Decisions made in dark secret alleys are reminiscent of the manner in which certain organized religions carried out their conquests in the past.
  4. We are sending each of the trustees and each member of all committees at CPWR a copy of an important book, titled, “Breaking India”, which exposes the kinds of nefarious activities by many persons who acted in making this recent decision. In the interest of transparency and allowing all sides of an issue to be heard, we seek the right to articulate the point of view of many Hindus. After your review of this book, we would like CPWR to host a public debate on the charges and allegations being made in this book – concerning the nexus that is operating to undermine Hinduism. Let both sides speak and debate each other in an amicable manner. This is the true spirit of open intellectual discourse that CPWR claims to represent. Otherwise, CPWR in the eyes of most Hindus would remain tainted as a body run like most world bodies concerning religions – where certain well funded and strategically managed religions dominate others.

We hope to hear from you very soon on these requests, which we feel are fair. No religious organization or individual thinker should be blacklisted or slandered without a transparent due process in which the accused has a right to be speak in defense. Such due process should be based on rules and criteria that are standards applicable to anyone and not used selectively used against certain targets.

In case you find our request unacceptable, then please consider this as our letter of resignation from your organization.


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