Father passed away
Flame of liberty went out.
There was blood shed
On the icy white sari of mother.

Bloodshed was there
On the sacred shrine of her god.
Lost was the worship
Lost was the shrine
Lost was everything,
Lamp, incense, camphor .

My wings were split off
The peaceful dove of my mother.
I lost my way
Shutdown into the earth.
Ruined are the promises
Smell of gun powder comes from the incense sticks.
Screams come from the bells and shells.

Why this war!
Why this futile ego!
Celebrities of victory
And defamations of defeat.
At the end
Only fox and owl
Will be showing their power.
Over the defiled legs of Kauravas.
And the classic statement
That the Kauravas never part with
Land at needle’s point
Without war:

Demolished are all hopes and dreams
All are suppressed by ego and jealousy.
All the distorted and prevent pictures.
History repeats itself again and again
In the mind of man.

Still my assurance worries me
To change the definitions of all
From the bugles of war
To the music of flute.
from smoke of missile to flower and dhup.
I wish
The sweet purity of my home
Will come back on the icy end of my mother’s saree.
And that will hide away all the violence.
The faith of victory
Diligence and sacrifice
Are my weapons

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