What my first novel taught me

UPDATE — Happy to share the news that my first full length novel is now available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle eBook format.

I’ve added the links below and the cover image with this post.
This book is my take on the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres with the lens of Indian Mythology.

This is book is purely for your entertainment, while at the same time I hope it will provide some food for deeper thought as well.

I know some of my friends have already got copies. I appreciate your support and love. Others, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a copy 

I hope you get a copy, read and like it and leave a comment on Amazon about the book. 



The book is also available in Paperback in India —


Dear Friends,

I’d like to inform you that very soon, my very first novel is going to be published. The book is titled ‘The Mahāsiddha Field’ and it will be released in Kindle eBook as well as Paperback format, available on Amazon in your respective countries.

The book is a Science fiction and Fantasy adventure, with an Indic sensibility. The world of Asuras and Dêvas has always been one of great fascination for me, as I’m sure it has been for most of you who grew up in India, immersed in Indian culture.

My grandparents too were sources of great stories of the Gods and Goddesses (Dêvas and Dévis), the Asuras and Danavas who were always trying to cause mischief in the human and deva worlds, and the various tales of heroism and adventure that revolved around them.

One thing that remained constant in these stories was the presence of the Venerable Rishis, the Sages who were the source of wisdom, inspiration, creativity and spiritual succor to the humans, Dévas and Asuras alike.

As a child growing up in the 1970s and 80s, I have to admit that my initial education about Indian ‘mythology’ was via the comic book series known as the Amar Chitra Katha.

My novel is my attempt to bridge those different worlds – of Asuras, Dévas, Rishis and us mere mortals, while bringing those worlds together in a more current setting – our modern world.

While I was writing the book, which took me approximately nine years to complete, I realized that producing a convincing work of art is very hard work and I developed great respect and awe for those fantastic artists and authors, who spend so much time and effort to produce works of art that amaze, entertain and enrich our lives.

In course of writing the book, I also realized that the process is a meditation in and of itself. We have to learn to ‘get out of our own way’, so to speak, in order to let a higher power flow through us and produce the most inspiring parts of the work.

In fact, the process is meditation amidst the flow of regular life. I found myself, over the nine years, revisiting the same ideas again and again, and listening… waiting for the ideas to flow. At times I would grow impatient and decide to give up. But then again, I’d revisit the project, and start all over. Anyone who meditates know that’s exactly how we learn to meditate. We sit with the breath or a mantra and start, grow impatient, stop, start again… over and over until we learn how to get out of our own way.

The process for me has been a great teacher… helping me rediscover the virtues of patience, of restraint and self-control at a completely different scale then I thought was possible. As I felt awe at the thought that a span of 9 odd years is a pretty long one for a single project, a voice in my head noted that our entire life is exactly such a project. We only don’t tend to think of our lives on such terms.

Anyhow, enough of my musings for the day. I hope you will read my book when it is released, and I hope it is able to give you enjoyment and provide food for thought.


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