Why the absolute or true self is self aware, eternal and empty yet full…

So first we have to get to know the seer who is seeing the seen – the witness.
This seer, when trying to see itself as its own object, goes into an infinite loop of whether the object and the subject are dependently co-rising. As that happens, it becomes obvious that the Self is independently self-aware. There is no logic possible here. It is an intellectual paradox. Any attempts to work it out intellectually to a logical conclusion will lead to confusion and be futile. So it can only be accepted that the self is self-aware. And it is also beyond logic. 
Without a source, it exists on its own accord. It has no beginning or end — since it is independently existent, self-aware consciousness.
Since it has no beginning or end, it is atemporal. As it is just observing itself and everything is nothing but appearances (even the non-appearance) of itself, on itself as the screen, it does not need to exist in space. To be able to even conceive of the state nothing, means nothing is an object to the atemporal, hence eternal subject. 
It is not one, not two. It is no thing. 
It by itself is self-aware, being/existent, in the absence of effort and struggle — blissful and eternal. It is eternal-existent-blissful consciousness or sat-chit-ananda.

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