Wordless Conversations With a Winged Wiseman

Wordless Conversations With a Winged Wiseman

“Yet another zoo! What could be new?”
I walked past grinning camels, munching goats
Contemplative cows and sleepy wild cats when
I stopped in my tracks, drawn by his intense gaze.

He sat alone in his miserable eight by eight
His dark, round eyes shining very bright.
Oh, The falcon! I mused. What a mighty bird!
A king among ordinary others! A picture of pride!


But here in this zoo, just another prisoner!
A mere shadow of his real, shining self!
Does he remember where he belongs?
His home, the endless vast skies and the beyond?

“Do you remember where you really belong?
Ever wonder if something was wrong?”
The calm voice wasn’t heard by ears
But reached within somehow, it did.

The question stabbed at the core of my being
He was right and that struck, again and again.  
“Yes, I am a prisoner; you’re a prisoner too
To each, his own cage, for now, that’s true!”

So sang the feathery sage, sitting on his perch
His mirthful eyes holding my shocked gaze
Who’d think falcons could laugh and sing
Much less talk about such deep things?

“It’s easy to forget that this isn’t our place
But, forget not, hold the home thoughts close.
This cage isn’t mine, that cage isn’t yours either
Yet, we live and love not aware of anything better.

Take some time off from the surrounding chatter
The home would draw close once you clear the clutter.
The cage stifles, yes, but the cage teaches too
Used wisely, it’d take you where you want to go.

Learn what you can and never forget to remember
That you belong not here, not in any cage, but elsewhere.
Goodbye my friend! And remember! Always remember!”
Said the falcon-sage and closed his dark, round eyes.
I gathered my unused camera and walked on feeling light
The evening sun watching me, his orange self very bright.
The day folded up, but the spirit within wouldn’t
Another teacher found in the journey that’s homeward bound.

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