World Peace – Challenges and Impact of Globalization


Panel discussion: “World Peace – Challenges and Impact of Globalization

Organizer: Asian Indian Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey

Date: Nov 16, 2008 in Somerset, New Jersey, USA.

Panelists: Rajiv Malhotra and Dr.Subramanian Swamy

Introduction: Seema Singh

This panel was held on Nov 16, 2008. Though it was prior to the Mumbai attacks, the remarks are even more relevant in light of the present awareness of national identity and security issues.
Please note in the Q&A section that NJ elected state represented (Upendra Chivukula), who receives most of his funding from the Indian-American community, supported the idea that Dalits should convert to Christianity. My debate with him is self-explanatory in the video. Like a typical politician, the following week he was at a local Hindu temple promoting himself as a great Hindu! Next week, GOPIO in Chennai plans to honor him for his “major contributions” to Indians overseas. How one wishes that merit would count more than self-promotion by politicians.




Editor’s Note:
The video contains an introductory portion where both Dr Subrahmanyam Swamy & Rajiv Malhotra are introduced, and then their individual talks. This is followed by a robust & sometimes heated conversation & debates, one of which Rajiv has alluded to above.

 The scope of the topic, “World Peace” is mind bogglingly huge, and one has to hand it to the panelists for covering it in depth for their audience. Rajiv’s mastery over knowing and conveying the issues & nuances of Global History, & its relevance to Current affairs is unparalleled. A most important takeaway is that the prevailing paradigms, which most take for granted, are subjected to thorough questioning. This would include questioning the correctness of either the ‘Left” or the “Right” in their views on Globalization.

As befits a Geopolitical Guru, Rajiv has developed alternative frameworks on all these wide ranging but interconnected topics of Culture, Religion, Economics, & Globalization. These frameworks are dealt with in his many articles which we will be featuring on Medha Journal, and in some of his upcoming books.

Two relevant pieces of his have just been published on Medha Journal:

The Myth Of Hindu Sameness

Geopolitics and Sanskrit Phobia

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